Packer makes his mark on and off the field

Willie Packer (DL, Moss Point, MS) - The most explosive defensive tackle at the Ole Miss senior camp is just as good off the field as he is on it.

"I am working with the little children at our elementary school," stated the 6' 2", 260 pound Willie Packer. "I am teaching them about physical fitness and staying away from the gangs. It is sad what they have done to our community around here. I just want to show the little ones there is another way to life, the right way."

Those are mighty wise words for just a 17 year old, but Willie believes in the old fashion way, you earn it.

"I have been working since I was a little kid. You have to earn your keep around here. My family taught me at a young age that you have to do things the right way to get to where you want to be. That has always been my motto."

Packer had a chance to take in a camp at the college that offered him his first scholarship.

"I went up to Ole Miss with my coach. It was fun up there. I did not know it was going to be like that before I went up there. I was just thinking it would be all right, but it was better than any other camp I have been to."

Willie had a chance to take in a few camps last summer including LSU and USM, but his job and his voluntary work could prevent him from taking in many more this summer.

"I am suppose to go to Auburn and LSU. I hope it all works out."

What did Packer take home with him from his first campe xperience ?

"Coach Orgeron taught me some new techniques, like how to pass rushh. He showed me how to widen my stance and keep it close at other times. I have never met a head coach that coached my position. That is what I like about Ole Miss."

What else impressed Willie about Ole Miss?

"Just the people and their facilities. Everyone is so kind up there, and their facilities are as good as it gets. I just like everything about Ole Miss."

Packer received some more good news late last week.

"Tennessee sent me a written scholarship offer. They gave me a verbal earlier, but now it is official."

That marks Willie's 3rd SEC offer as his home state colleges, MSU and OM, had already offered. Who could be next in line?

"I really do not know. I think Alabama and Auburn really want me though."

What does Packer like about the Tide.

"This might sound kind of goofy, but I like that "Roll Tide" chant a lot. That always got me fired up watching them on TV. I also like how they play defense."

What about Auburn?

"I just like how they play defense."

And Tennessee?

"They are in my top 3 with Ole Miss and MSU."

What stands out about MSU?

"Coach Croom tells me that if I keep my grades up, there is a good chance I will start as a freshman at MSU, if I were to sign there."

Where ever Packer lands, he will make his mark not only on the football field but also within the community.

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