Chestang impressed with Ole Miss

Josh Chestang (LB, Moss Point, MS) - The 2006 All-State performer made his mark on the field as a junior when he collected 74 tackles, 12 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles at the defensive end position.

But it will be either safety or outside linebackeron the collegiate level.

"I think that is where they want me," added Josh Chestang who measured in at 5' 10", 203 and ran a 4.52 forty at the combine that was held in New Orleans. "Some like me at outside linebacker and others like me at strong safety. I think I can play either position equally well. I will go where ever they need me."

Josh had a chance to display his talents at the Ole Miss Senior camp this past weekend.

"It was a good trip, nice trip. It was a long trip from Moss Point, but it was good. It was better than what I was expecting because they told me I would like up there, but I did not know I would like it that much. Their facilities are way better than what I was expecting. They have some real nice facilities. I know that."

The Ole Miss coaches stood out the most during his trip.

"They just keep you pumped up. I like those loud coaches. They keep your blood flowing."

Coach Orgeron and the linebacker coach at Ole Miss had a heart to heart with Josh and his mother before he left campus.

"They spoke with me and my mother while we were walking back to the car. Coach Orgeron ran up to me and told me how much he appreciated me coming to his camp, and Coach Corrao told me that he had to have me. That made me feel pretty good."

It is that type of intensity from the Ole Miss staff that has the Rebels on the forefront of Chestang's mind.

"Basically Ole Miss is way ahead of everyone else. I am not saying that everyone else is fading away, but they are not recruiting me like Ole Miss."

Who would Josh like to see pick of their recruitment with him?

"I was looking at Tennessee, if not, no problem. I will look at USM too. Their defense is really good. Right now, I am just making my decision after my last football game is over."

What stands out about the Vols?

"I have been liking them since I was a little kid. I liked them when Donta Stallworth was there. They are a great school. That is all I know about them."

Mississippi State has offered Josh a scholarship. Where do the Dogs stand?

"I am not sure. They offered me, but I have not heard from them lately. They are just sending me letters and that type of stuff. I am not going to forget them. That would give my family a chance to watch me play. It is pretty close to home. No, I am not forgetting about State. I will keep them on my mind."

Where will Chestang show case his talents at next?

"I am not sure because I am in summer school right now. I work at nights. Tennessee really wants me up there, but it is so far away, I doubt I will be able to get up there. Maybe I can make a camp or two in July when I am out of school. I will just have to wait and see."

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