Ricky shines at OM camps

Ricky Holloway (LB, Somerville, TN) - One of Tennessee's most coveted prospects had a chance to take in two Ole Miss football camps last week. To read about his experience at those camps, read below.

"It was fun," added Ricky Holloway. "I saw a lot of good players down there. The drills challenged me. It took me a couple of minutes to get use to, but I did. Their coaching staff was nice. Coach Hall took me around and walked me around their facilities. I liked them a lot. I am thinking about Ole Miss pretty hard, but I am still keeping my options open."

Was this Holloway's first trip to Oxford?

"I went to their camp last year too. They already knew who I was. When I showed up, Coaches Freeze and Orgeron gave me a hug and welcomed me."

What new did Ricky learn about Ole Miss on his trip?

"I learned that their staff really keeps you on your toes. They keep your energy flowing. They keep your heart pumped. I like that. I also like their game field. I like their field the most out of everything. I just thank God for giving me the opportunity to get over there. I see they are going to have a lot of fans this year. They get a lot of support within their community down there. It is all about football. I actually stayed down there for a few nights and got a good look at everything. I could picture myself playing there. That is what I do when I go on my visits. I just close my eyes and visualize myself at that school. It felt good down there, but like I said, I have a lot of looking around left to do."

And where will Ricky take his show to next?

Ricky Holloway

"I am going to Tennessee on June 15 and 16. I am suppose to go to Mississippi State in July. I know I am going to Arkansas for sure. Coach T still has not given me the details on the Miami camp. They want Coach T to come work the Miami camp. Coach T (Tim Thompson who is the head football coach at Fayette Ware), is real popular. On June 15 and 16, I know he is working the Tennessee camp, so I know I am going to that camp."

Which colleges have now offered Ricky a scholarship?

"Tennessee, Memphis, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Georgia, and I am talking to Vandy. I think they have offered, but I do not want to say that for sure because I do not know for sure. Miami came down and watches some film. LSU did the same thing. They came over to the school and watched some film, but they have not offered me yet."

Which colleges are coming after Holloway the hardest?

"I am pretty much looking at all of them to see where the best opportunity is for me. When I talk to them, it is straight business. I ask them for a depth chart and how many players they are recruiting at my position. That catches them off guard. I am serious about this. I am going to wait until signing day to make my decision."

Which colleges does Ricky want to personally check out before making a decision.

"Well, I say probably Miami. I want to see what they are all about. Florida sent me a couple of letters. I want to see what Clemson has. LSU. Tennessee is my home state I have got to look at them. Alabama has Nick Saban. You got to like that."

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