Where do Rebels stand with Chase Clement?

Chase Clement (TE, Thibodaux, LA) - The Bayou state is loaded with blue chip tight ends this year, and it looks like the cream of the crop out of this talented group could be the E. D. White Catholic product.

"I have 14 full scholarships. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Maryland, Purdue, Colorado, Tulane, La Tech, and there are a couple more but I can not remember them right now," added Chase Clement.

The District MVP went both ways last season but believes TE is his best suited position for the next level.

"I just do so much better at TE. I just think I can go further at TE than DE, but I will play what ever is asked of me."

Clement has only had a chance to attend the Ole Miss 3 Day camp so far, but he plans on taking in a couple more in the near future.

"I went to Ole Miss with my father. We stayed over there for three days and really got to know the campus and community better. I won the Overall MVP award and the TE MVP award. We also won the 7 on 7 tournament. It was a lot of fun. I am thinking about heading to Tulane this weekend and maybe to McNease State. I will be going to LSU in July for sure."

Was this Chase's first visit to Ole Miss?

"No, I also went to their camp last summer. They offered me my first scholarship at their camp last summer. That was awesome. It was crazy. It was the best feeling ever."

Clement was also impressed with several more aspects from his current trip.

"I love their campus. It is awesome. I know they are really interested in me, and they want me really badly. I learned some new techniques, like the rip move. Things to help me get to the passer."

Chase is reluctant to name any favorites but did give us some insight into the colleges who have been the most consistent in their recruitment with him.

"Ole Miss, LSU, and Florida have been the most consistent. I get a text every day from Coaches Frank (Wilson) and Orgeron at Ole Miss, and the same thing from Coach Mallery (LSU) and Henson from Florida."

Clement had several comments about what stood out with each of the three schools who are showing him the most interest.

Ole Miss
- "I like Ole Miss because of how their coaches want to take me in as a family member. That is what gets me about Ole Miss, their coaches."

LSU - "My family went to LSU. I had 4 uncles play football for LSU. Pretty much my whole family are LSU fans, but that does not mean I am going to LSU. They have all told me to do what is in my best interest, but you can tell they hope it is LSU (laugh)."

Florida - "I know they have a winning team. I guess that is stating the obvious. I want to win a national championship, but that is just not it. I love their coaches, and I love the state of Florida. We go vacationing there every summer, and it does not get any better than Florida. I am really considering Florida pretty hard."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors in his decision?

"I want to make sure I am happy with my decision. This is suppose to be the best 4 years of your life, so I want to make sure my decision is good. I want to see if I like all of the coaches, and do the coaches like me? Will my teammates respect me, and will I respect them?"

Time frame for a decision?

"Me and my coach talked about it, and I am going to make a decision in January right before signing day."

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