Bayou receiver waiting to hear from Rebs

Allen Muse (WR, Leesville, LA) - One of the more impressive receivers in a loaded field at the combine in New Orleans has had a chance to take in camps at Ole Miss, LSU, and is headed to Tulane today.

"I went to LSU last week, and I went to Ole Miss the week before," added Allen Muse. "I am going to Tulane this afternoon to work out in the afternoon sessions."

How did Allen's LSU experience go?

It was great. I learned a lot. I got to go against some good cornerback. It was a real good experience."

Who was the best corner that Allen went against at the LSU camp?

"The dude from Clinton. I think his name is Prentiss Wagner."

What did Muse most like about LSU during the visit?

"I just liked the whole experience. If I were to go there, they could get me to where I need to be. They have a great strength program. It is real good. That is what really stood out."

Did LSU discuss Allen's scholarship status after the camp?

Allen Muse

"Yes, I went into Coach Miles' office after the camp was over. We had a good talk. He said I did real good from the first day until the last day. He told me to keep doing what I am doing, and it (a scholarship offer from LSU) will come soon."

Allen's first camp was at Ole Miss.

"At Ole Miss, there was a lot of talent. They did not just have one standout cornerback; they were all good. But what helped me is that we went and watched some film on what we were doing wrong from the first session before the second session started. Nobody had ever pointed out what I needed to do to improve my game. I thought that was cool. Anyway, they told me I have to use my hands more, and give him a fake. If I am trying to go inside, fake outside and then head inside and the same thing if I want to go outside, just fake inside. That really helped me. I use to just come off of the line and just hit 'em (laugh). I had it all wrong. Man, but after we watched film on our performance from the morning practice, and they pointed out what I needed to do, I just got in a rhythm and played the best ball of my life that afternoon. I felt unstoppable."

What stood out about Ole Miss?

"They way they use their WR's. They run real nice routes. They said if I were to go there, they have a tall incoming juco receiver (A.J. Jackson) coming in this year and he will be a saenior when I get there. Basically, I will get some early playing time if I go there."

Did Ole Miss discuss Muse's scholarship status after the camp?

"Actually, Coach Wilson called my coach yesterday and told him that they were looking back at the film from the camp and really liked what they saw out of me. They are suppose to be calling him back tomorrow. I do not know what that means, but I hope it is an offer."

If Ole Miss offers; what is Allen going to do?

"I do not know yet because I really like LSU. But if it comes down to that, I will probably commit because of the way they were talking like I would play right away. But LSU is my favorite right now."

Who else is still under consideration?

"Tulane. I talked to Coach Al yesterday. He told me to come over the camp and do my thing today. If I have a good camp, I think something good will happen."

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