Midland 100 member talks recruiting

Brandon Kirksey (DL, St. Louis, MO) - One of the top players at the Ole Miss Senior camp preps at Hazlewood East in Florissant (MO) which is a suburb of St. Louis.

The 2006 All-Metro performer racked up 112 tackles, including five tackles for losses, and one sack last season.

"I think my quickness and my upper body strength (325 bench) are my biggest strengths. Everybody always says it if in your footwork, which it is, but it comes down to throwing the offensive lineman off of you so you can get to the ball," added Brandon Kirksey.

The Scout.com Midlands 100 member is still working on a few things to improve his game.

Brandon Kirksey
"My footwork and balance, lateral movement and things like that. I am pretty good with my hand techniques, but I still need to work on my hands a lot."

Kirksey measured in at 6' 1", 268 and ran an impressive 4.99 forty at the Ole Miss camp.

"That was the first time I have every been to Ole Miss. Me and Demarco Paine came down there. I have a lot of good things to say about Ole Miss, especially their DL coach. He was tough. I like tough. It keeps pushing you. I like the intensity of their staff and the camp. They did not give you much break. I am use to going real hard and taking a break, but they told us that if they caught us bending over to get air, we had to do pushups. I learned that I have a long ways to go to be where I need to be, conditioning wise."

What stood out about Ole Miss during his trip?

"The staff., I just like how they had every body prepared.. They had a very organized game plan and made sure the players brought their "A" game."

What other camps has Brandon attended this summer?

"I went to Missouri and Illinois'. Me and Demarco Paine are thinking about going up to Minnesota to one of their camps, and we are thinking about going to Kansas State this weekend. I think we are set to go."

Any offers?

"I have offers from Kansas State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Illinois is suppose to call me. I have been busy though. They told my coach they were sending a formal written scholarship in the mail, so I am expecting one from them too."

What does Brandon's pecking order look like?

"Lets see, if I had to choose, I kind of like Minnesota right now. I am very interested in Ole Miss too. They definitely would be my second choice. I have not met the Minnesota staff in person yet so that is why I want to go up there and check them out. So yea, they would be first, Ole Miss would be second, and Arkansas would be third. Those are my top 3 right now."

Why Minnesota?

"I do not know, it is just one of those premonitions you get. It is just a gut feeling that it is the school for me. See, we have a lot of guys from St. Louis who play for Minnesota, and a lot of them are starting as freshmen. They are known to get you ready. I am not wanting to go in and play back up. I want to play with the big guys."

What about Arkansas?

"I do not know too much about Arkansas, but this is how I am going to choose a school. First, I am going to go on how much I like that school. Then I want to see if anybody from my school goes there so they can make the adjustment easier on me. My godbrother, William Anderson, will be a freshman at Arkansas next year. And a former teammate of mine, Anthony Jackson, will be a junior next season at Arkansas."

Anybody else in the picture?

"Kansas State. I just like their staff, and I really like Coach Laddemoore. He is a cool guy, real cool."

Any time frame on a decision?

"The coaches are urging me to go ahead and orally commit by the end of August so I guess I will commit then."

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