'This visit changed my mind about Ole Miss'

James Brown (OT, Liberty, MS) - Arguably Mississippi's top offensive line prospect had a chance to take in Ole Miss' 3 Day Camp last month. To read about what he had to say about Ole Miss, some never ending negative myths that still surround the university, and much more, click below.

"I went to the one at Ole Miss," added James Brown. "I just came for the afternoon session."

Which camp did Brown attend?

"It was the three day camp. I could not make it to the one that everyone else (Sr) went to. My uncle just took me up there for the day."

How did James fare?

"They said I did pretty good. I felt like I did what I needed to do. They offered me a long time ago, so I wanted to show them that they did not make a mistake. I think I proved to them that I can play on that level."

This visit seemed to change his perception about the University of Mississippi.

"I like it up there. It is real nice. It was better than I was expecting because everyone is real nice up there. I have never been up there before. A lot of people were talking about how small their campus was and downing Ole Miss, but this visit changed my eyes."

Who were the people "downing" Ole Miss?

"You know, people from around the community and some players and other coaches."

What was James' impression of the Rebel staff?

"I really like them. They were real. I do not know, they are just real into everything. I thought we were about to suit up for a game or something (laugh). They are just real intense. I liked that."

The academic side also impressed Brown.

"Their academic facilities were the most impressive thing about Ole Miss to me. I really liked that. That can really enhance my knowledge."

Now that James has had a chance to visit his top two schools, LSU and Ole Miss. Who is at the top?

"Man, I do not know. Ole Miss is like at the top now. I really like it up there. I can see myself down there. But I like it a lot at LSU too. Nobody is out of it with me."

Where will Brown visit next?

"I do not know. I really do not have a ride to get anywhere. If I do not get to go on anymore visits this summer, I will just concentrate on getting stronger and faster."

The 6' 5", 325 pound power lifting star (placed 4th in the state this year and 2nd his sophomore year) reports a 5.3 forty and has been starting for his high school since the first game of his 9th grade season.

James had a Class 2A high of 108 pancakes as a junior. Brown was also named Amite County's Rookie of the Year as a 9th grader, Defensive Player of the Year (103 tackles and 14 sacks) as a 10th grader, and is a two time All-State selection in Class 2A.

Reports a 22 ACT / 2.65 GPA

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