Ready to be a Rebel?

Josh Chestang (LB, Moss Point, MS) - The 2006 All-State performer made his mark on the field as a junior when he collected 74 tackles, 12 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles at the defensive end position.

But it will be either safety or outside linebacker on the collegiate level.

"I think that is where they want me," added Josh Chestang who measured in at 5' 10", 203 and ran a 4.52 forty at the combine that was held in New Orleans. "Some like me at outside linebacker and others like me at strong safety. I think I can play either position equally well. I will go where ever they need me."

For now, Josh is trying to concentrate on his conditioning and strength this summer.

"I work out two times a day and run in the mid-afternoon. I maxed out at 315 (bench) and 470 (squat) last summer but we have not tested yet this summer. I am hoping to be in the 350 and 550 range when we test. We test on Friday. I can not wait to see where I am at."

Josh had a chance to take in the Ole Miss camp in June and hopes to be able to take in the MSU camp in July. Both schools have offered.

"I am thinking about going to the MSU 7 on 7 camp this weekend. They have been texting wanting me and a few of my teammates to come. I know most of the offensive guys are going."

Who else is staying in contact with Chestang?

"On the 4th of July, both Tennessee and Ole Miss text me to wish me a happy 4th of July. Really, those two have been on me the hardest from the start."

Josh seems to be getting closer and closer to a decision.

"I will make a decision right after we register for school. I want to make sure all of my grades are straight, make sure I am qualified. I know I will be OK, I just want to be for sure. I will most likely commit to Ole Miss right after registration."

Why Ole Miss?

"They basically have given me the most attention. They have been on me the hardest. I am really good with their coaches too. I am real comfortable around them. That is the main thing. It is also close to home, just a few hours from home. Also when I went on my visit, it just felt like home up there. I do not know. I just like it up there."

What does Chestang need to become a full qualifier?

"I took my Geometry course in June. I will not get the grade until I register. Other than that, I have all of my core courses I need going into my senior year. I scored a 16 on my ACT test, but I retook that a couple of weeks ago."

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