'I will be in Oxford at 11:30 am'

Ted Laurent (DT, Powder Springs, GA) - Scout.com's #26 nationally ranked defensive tackle and the 2006 AJC Super 11 selection has big news for the Rebel fans.

"I am moving to Oxford on Tuesday (July 10). I will arrive around 11:30 am," added Ted Laurent.

Does this mean than Ted has taken care of his books?

"Yes sir. It feels good, real good."

What has Ted gone through to get himself qualified?

"A lot. This is a big relief. A lot of people did not believe in me. I could not do this in 4 or 5 months. This has taken a lot of hard work for over a year now. This has gotten the monkey off of my back. I am officially an Ole Miss Rebel and nobody can question that."

Even Ted's high school coach stated in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he had little to no chance to qualify. Did Laurent take offense to this statement?

"I was not mad or upset about it, but I definitely read about it (laugh). I just used it as motivation. I knew I could do it. It was my fault for being in the position I was in, so I was not looking to blame anyone. I just wanted to prove all of my doubters wrong, including him."

What kind of condition is Ted currently in?

"Right now, I am about 315. I have been running a lot so I can be ready for it when I report. But I am not in tip top shape. I am not going to lie. My goal is to get down to 305 by the time the season starts. That is my best weight. I am not where I need to be yet."

What are some Ted's freshman goals at Ole Miss?

"My freshman year, I do not want to make the same mistake I made in high school. I am not going to push the academics aside. I want to have at least a 2.5 or better. As far as football is concerned, I want to become a freshman all-American."

Laurent has some high expectations for his fellow defensive linemen that he signed with.

"Our defensive line class is pretty good, real good. We signed a couple of four star linemen. We are going to be dominant. It is about domination. You are going to see big things from us uglies."

Ted has one simple goal for the team.

"We are going to be bowl eligible. I would like to get to the big game, but we have to start somewhere, so getting to a bowl is a must for our team. And those two or three point losses that we had last year is not going to happen next year. We will not let what happened at LSU and Alabama happen again. I promise you that. In a couple of years, we will be on top of the mountain."

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