Rebs still in the game for Dandy Dozen player

Desmond Johnson (RB, Yazoo City, MS) - Mississippi's leading 2006 rusher (2, 584 yards and 33 TD's) received his first SEC scholarship offer this past month.

"LSU offered me a full scholarship. The rest of the colleges have been sending me letters and giving me pictures of their colleges and what life is like around there," added Desmond Johnson.

What is holding the rest of the colleges from offering this talented running back?

"They are waiting to see how my summer courses go, I guess."

How does it feel to get that first scholarship offer out of the way?

"It feels great. I was excited when I found out. I did not know how to act."

Was Johnson surprised that LSU offered first?

"I guess so. Really, I thought Ole Miss was going to offer me first because how good they have been talking, but LSU has really come on strong as of late."

When did LSU offer?

"They offered me in the middle of June."

Which colleges are still keeping in constant contact for the recently named Dandy Dozen selection?

"Ole Miss, Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Auburn, Houston, and Georgia."

Who is coming after Johnson the hardest?

"Alabama and LSU. Alabama has been sending me a lot letters about how their athletes get to live in their own apartments. LSU keeps sending me a lot poems."

Which college is now at the top of Desmond's list?

"LSU because they offered me first, and when I was little, I played them a lot on the video games. I also like their passing game."

Who else is still in the picture?

"Alabama is a good program. I play them a lot on the video games too. Ole Miss, I like their campus and indoor facility and coaches. I actually had them as my number one school but they are not recruiting me as hard anymore, and I did not know that schools like Alabama and LSU would start recruiting me."

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