Ole Miss commit still a wanted man

Quinn Sanford (OL, Batesville, MS) - One of Mississippi's top offensive line prospects gave a verbal pledge to Ole Miss recently, but that has not stopped the competing schools from trying to change his mind.

"Alabama and Florida are on me hard, boy. USM is on me real hard too. Alabama, Florida, and USM are the three schools who have just told me that they still had to have me after I committed to Ole Miss," commented Quinn Sanford.

What is Alabama telling Quinn?

"Alabama tells me to stay on my grades, and that they are going to keep working on me to change my mind. They want to get me to set up a date to take an official visit, but I have not done anything like that yet. Coach Davis flat out told me that he is going to get me away from Ole Miss (laugh)."

What about Florida?

"They told me they are going to make arrangements to get me out of Mississippi. I told them I did not want to go out of state, and they said I would change my mind once I take in their campus environment, the football stadium and just the whole atmosphere. They also want me to set up an official visit with them. Coach (John) Hurst is really on me hard."

What is USM saying?

"They told me to stay up on my grades, and that they wanted to show me around campus. They said they really needed me at offensive guard."

Has USM offered?

"Yea, they offered me, Tig (Darius Barksdale), and Bud (Barksdale). Their offensive line coach called me this morning, and their head coach reminds me a lot of Coach (Ricky) Woods."

Who else has offered Quinn?

"Ole Miss, Alabama, Florida, USM, and Mississippi State have offered me."

How are Sanford's grades coming along this summer?

"Great, I got a 93 in Geometry. Tig (Darius Barksdale), made over a 90 too. We both did really good. I am also taking Global Studies and Psychology right now. Me and Tig are both taking the classes together. I have a 2.0 GPA right now. If I get two A's in those classes, with my Geometry grade, I will have a 2.2 GPA. If I make all A's and B's my senior year, I will qualify for college. I just have to keep grinding."

With all of the attention that Quinn is receiving; is he having any second doubts about his commitment to Ole Miss?

"No, I am still solid with Ole Miss. The other schools are coming on hard, but I am still solid with Ole Miss."

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