Deandre Jones still has Rebs on his mind

DeAndre Jones (LB, Memphis, TN) - One of the Bluff City's top prospects is getting prepared for a big trip, but it might surprise you where he is going.

"I am getting ready for a Youth Leadership Camp in Bridges," added DeAndre Jones. "I am the president of our youth leadership group in Memphis."

Jones' athletic ability, coupled with his high character, are a big reason why he is one of the more sought after prospects in Memphis.

"I picked up a couple more scholarship offers recently. Michigan State, Indiana, and Kentucky offered me a few weeks back. Ole Miss and Stanford offered me a while back."

Where does this put each school that has recently offered?

Michigan State - "This puts them high up there. They have been recruiting me pretty hard. I do not have them at a set number in my pecking order. Nobody does, but it puts them up there."

Indiana - "They are about the same as Michigan State. They are definitely going to get a look now."

Kentucky - "They are pretty high too. I have a good relationship with Coach Lockwood, my recruiting coach. They are up there."

DeAndre has had a chance to camp at two schools this summer.

"I have been to Ole Miss and Georgia Tech. I am just trying to hang out at my school and get us better as a team and work on my season. I am not really worried about recruiting. I want to put my team ahead of everybody else."

Jones stands at 6' 0", 215 but do not let his size fool you.

"The last time I tested my strength numbers, which was before we hit the dead period, I was benching 405 and squatting 495."

Which colleges have given Jones the most attention?

"Vandy has been with me a lot. Coach V, my recruiting coach, has been talking to me a lot lately. He wanted me to come to their camp, but I thought they had one in July so I messed that one up. Ole Miss has been there since the beginning. They were the first school to offer me. Stanford as well. Coaches White and Buh have been talking to me a lot lately. I have been getting a lot of mail and text messages from them."

Although Vandy was mentioned as one of the schools who is showing DeAndre the most interest; they have yet to offer.

"They are not one of those schools that just throw around offers to everyone. They are very selective so they want to see me play at the beginning of the year and make a decision from there. I can respect that, and that just gives me something to shoot for."

Which colleges could be next in line to offer?

"Colorado and Oklahoma State. When I talked to Colorado, they liked my highlight film, but they do not want to make a move until they see a complete game tape of mine. My coach is suppose to get something out in the mail this week to them."

DeAndre reports a 3.5 Core GPA and is waiting on his ACT results.

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