DeAndre Brown visits UM

DeAndre Brown, a five-star wide receiver from Ocean Springs, took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss July 16 and 17. How did the visit go for the #11-rated player in the Southeast? Read about it inside.

DeAndre Brown, a 6-6.5, 222-pound wide receiver from Ocean Springs, MS, who happens to be one of the top football prospects in the Southeast, took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss Monday and Tuesday.

Brown, recently named to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger's Dandy Dozen preseason squad, liked what he saw.

"I thought Ole Miss was going to be just an average trip, but it was a lot better, a lot better," added DeAndre Brown. "Their coaches were straight up with me. They told me how they are going to use me. They did not just tell me just what I wanted to hear, they told me how it was going to be. I liked that about the Ole Miss coaches."

And just how does Ole Miss plan to use DeAndre?

"They want me to come in my freshman year and start at the X position. That is where they split you out on the one wide receiver side and match you up against the smaller DB's in the 1 on 1 coverages. Coach Orgeron recruited Mike Williams at USC, and he told me that I am better at this stage than he was."

DeAndre also had a chance to visit LSU (one day unofficial), Auburn (one day camp), and USM (one day camp) over the past weeks. Did any one visit stand out over the other?

"Yea, Ole Miss' did because it is an instate school, and I know how important it is for me to stay in state now. They want to see us stay in state and help our state out instead of going out of state. I had never thought about that before. I was really thinking about leaving the state before I came on this visit, but that has all changed now. And what really impressed me the most about Ole Miss was their players. I got to hang out with them for a couple of days and really get to know them. I felt like I was back at home with my friends. I felt at home, just very comfortable."

Which players did Brown get to know during the visit?

"John Jerry just kind of took my under his wings and introduced me around. We just clicked from the start. I met Ben-Javis, Brent Schaeffer, Jevan Snead, and just a lot of guys, to be honest. Like I said, the players at Ole Miss just made me feel at home. They are just like my friends from home. I just clicked with everybody up there. They are real straight."

Jevan Snead, who could possibly be the future for Ole Miss at QB, had one message for DeAndre.

"He told me that if I came there, we would break a lot of records at Ole Miss. I know what kind of QB Jevan is. I watched him in the Army All-American game. But I am not going to base my decision on that. I just want to see where I can come in and start as a freshman, and where I will feel at home. And at Ole Miss, I now know I will get to start as a freshman and be around people who are like me. It is a pretty good situation for me."

Where do the Rebels now stand in DeAndre's pecking order?

"I know from now through the rest of my recruiting process, that I am going to show Ole Miss a lot more attention. They are right up there at the top, but I am open to everybody. I just want to see what everybody has to offer."

When asked which 7 colleges Brown wants to be listed under his player profile, he replied?

"Put Ole Miss in place of Tennessee and keep the rest of them the same (which are Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Miami, LSU, and South Carolina)."

DeAndre will end his summer tour by visiting Florida within the next week.

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