Rebs enter the picture with 4 Star OL

Barrett Jones (OT, Memphis, TN) -'s #1 rated prospect out of the state of Tennessee has had a chance to take in a few unofficial visits this summer.

"I have only been to one camp, and that was to Ole Miss, but I have taken in a lot of visits like Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, and Vandy," added Barrett Jones.

What new did he learn about each school during his trip?

Ole Miss - "Well, I have been there several/several times, so I already knew a lot about Ole Miss. I did meet Coach Kehoe for the first time. That was great. I got to work with him for a day out on the field. I learned a lot from Coach Kehoe. I can now see why he has sent so many linemen to the pros. He is a great fundamental teacher, and he coaches with a lot of energy. You definitely would not be lacking in motivation if you played under him (laugh). I went up against a lot of great players at the Ole Miss camp. It was fun getting a chance to get to know their whole staff and seeing how things work around there."

Florida - "This was my time to visit Florida, so obviously, it was all new. I got a chance to meet Coach Meyers and see how everything works around there. They won a national championship, so you know it must be working pretty good (laugh). I got to see their weight program and how it works. They incorporate new technology in their work out programs. That was pretty interesting."

North Carolina - "That was also my first visit to North Carolina so it was all pretty much new. I enjoyed meeting Coach Davis and his whole staff. They seem like they are really about to turn things around over there. We got to tour the Dean Dome, so that was really neat. I got to see how things are done over there."

Alabama - "I have been over there several times before. There was a camp going on, but I did not play in it. I just watched from the sidelines, and I got to see how their coaches interact with their players. I got to see how Coach Saban ran his system."

Vandy - "This was not my first visit to Vandy either. I got to hang out there for a day. I hung out with Coaches Johnson and Caldwell. I got to tour the campus and see what it would be like as a regular student there. I also got a good idea of what their weight room program is all about."

While Barrett was on his visits; what was he keying in on?

"I was just keeping my eye out on the people there. I want to be able to get a long with not only the coaches and players, but the students too. I want to feel just as comfortable off of the football field with my surroundings as I do on it."

Did any one school stand out in that aspect?

"No, I really enjoyed each school."

Taking that into consideration; since all of the schools were equal in the "comfort" factor, what will Jones look at next, when trying to find the right fit for him.

"Well, I liked some things better than others while I was on my visits, but I want to keep that to myself. I am looking to narrow things down to five schools by the end of the summer and go from there."

Where does Jones visit next?

"I think I might be done. I have visited a lot of the places I am really interested in. I might have a couple more left in me, but I am trying to focus on my team now."

Which colleges have been the most consistent with Barrett throughout his recruitment?

"I would have to say Ole Miss, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Vandy, and Auburn. All of those schools have been texting me daily and sending me a lot of mail. Stanford has recruited me really hard too."

What is the number one thing that Barrett likes about each one of these schools?

Ole Miss - "I have really enjoyed talking to Coach Freeze on a regular basis, and their whole staff in general. We get along really well. Coach Freeze is from Memphis, so we have that connection."

Alabama - "Again, the people. I like Coach Steale a lot. We talk on the a regular basis. Coach Saban is very respected in the coaching ranks too. I enjoyed meeting him and the whole staff."

Tennessee - "I have grown up around a lot Tennessee fans with them being an instate school. Coach Roper is my recruiter, and I have enjoyed building a relationship with him. And you know the atmosphere at their games is pretty awesome (laugh)."

Florida - "They are going to win a lot at Florida. Their coaching staff is great too. Getting to know Coach Addizio has been fun. And Coach Meyers is real up beat, lively, and excited all of the time. I like coaches with that type of attitude."

Auburn - "They were the first school to offer me a scholarship. Coach Price is a good guy. Auburn has been with me from the start. I like their whole staff. They are also in a good college town, and they have a good atmosphere around there."

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