Memphis WR earns scholarship from Rebs

Marcus Rucker (WR, Memphis, TN) - One of the Bluff City's top athletes will be playing in the prestigious Hoover 7 on 7 tournament this afternoon.

"We just got through playing in a 7 on 7 tournament at MUS (Memphis University School), and we won the whole thing, so we are on our way over to Hoover," added Marcus Rucker.

The 6' 3", 190 pound receiver has only attended one camp due to a knee injury.

"I have been to the Ole Miss camp, but that is it so far. I twisted my knee after that camp, and I have been letting it heal. But I am going to go to Alabama on July 21st for their 1 Day camp."

How did Rucker perform at the Ole Miss camp?

"I think I did good. They had me with the number one 7 on 7 group, and I was going up against the top corners all day. Nobody could really stop me, so yea, I think I did pretty good. They offered me the next day after the camp so I guess they thought I did pretty good (laugh)."

How did that feel to Marcus to earn a scholarship offer from his performance at the camp?

"It felt real good. They told me they wanted to see how good I was at their camp before they offered me, and then I got an offer. It feels good, real good. I like to earn my scholarships and not just be given something. I felt like I earned that offer from Ole Miss."

Where do the Rebels now stand?

"They are in the top 5, no, top 3. That is one of the schools I have always wanted to attend, and they went ahead and offered me."

Who else consists of Rucker's Top 3?

"Alabama and Tennessee. The SEC schools."

What does Marcus like about Alabama?

"I like their program. I spoke to their coach at school. Coach Saban seems like a really cool dude. He is telling me the same thing that Ole Miss told me. To come to his camp, and if I do good, an offer will be coming my way. I am really shooting to get that offer when I go to their camp."

And Tennessee?

"I went there for the Adidas camp. Their coaches told me they were going to keep in touch with me. They call me pretty much every week."

In fact, Marcus believes Tennessee could be next in line to offer him a scholarship.

"The Tennessee coach has been calling me a lot, a whole lot. They really liked my film. I think either them or Stanford is going to be the next school to offer me."

Which colleges round out Marcus' Top 5?

"Auburn would probably come in at four and LSU at five."

What stands out about the War Eagles?

"I went up there and visited. I liked their coaches. We still talk on the phone a lot."

And LSU?

"I have not been down there. I had to pick between LSU's and Alabama's camps to attend, and I went with Alabama. My other teammate, Tenarius Wright, he is going to LSU."

In Marcus' opinion, which school is coming after him the hardest?

"I would say Ole Miss, Indiana, Memphis, Kentucky, and Tennessee."

Rucker had 35 catches for 660 yards and 10 TD's as a junior.

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