Rebs keeping in contact with TN tight end

Elijah Epperson (TE, Humboldt, TN) - One would think that holding scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Arkansas, Mississippi State, and MTSU would make a recruit feel like he has earned some respect, but not Epperson.

"I was on ESPN radio on Tuesday. They were asking me about the Tennessee situation," added Elijah Epperson who also goes by E.J. from family and friends. "I think my lack of respect comes from the fact that I play for such a small school, but look at Chris Donald. I thought I was going to the Chris Donald in this year's class. The thing that is motivating me is that I am not getting any respect after I thought I proved what I was worth last year."

Where does this lack of respect feelings come from?

"UT (Tennessee) just stopped calling me like two months ago. They have not even offered me, and that is our state's school. How does that make me look? I do not know if they just think they can come in on me later on in the recruiting process and just sign me, but it is not going to happen."

Epperson has decided to make his announcement on which college he will attend on December 1st.

"I just think I should have everything done by then. Our season will be over, and I will have had enough time to thoroughly look at every school."

E.J. Epperson
Which colleges are in contention for that commitment?

"I am looking at Miami, Ole Miss, MSU, Arkansas, Colorado, and MTSU."

What stands out about each school?

Miami - "I am really interested in them. It is not normal for someone around Tennessee to go to Miami. They stay in contact with me, and I think Coach Punn is pretty cool."

Ole Miss -"They are really high on me. It is all about business up there. I went to their camp, and they put me on the 1st team during the 7 on 7 games. I felt like I was the top tight end there. They wore me out though. I was going to go to MSU's camp the next day, but I was too tired. I think they did that on purpose (laugh). But for real, Coach Freeze is really trying to get me down to Ole Miss. He checks on me all of the time. He is always sending me texts like, have a good day, hope you have a good weekend. That stuff means a lot. And I also like the fact that they are recruiting me to play both tight end and wide receiver. I really like receiver a lot."

-"Coach Felker is a real cool dude. He is always sending me texts and hand written letters. He really wants me to come to MSU. They really like me at MSU. They were the first school to offer me."

Arkansas - "I might go to their camp this weekend. It is 50/50. I am kind of in a financial crunch right now because I just bought a car. You know how that goes. I just talked to them last week. The main thing about Arkansas is how they produce athletes. I think McPhadden is going to win the Heisman. He is a big turn on for me. I am trying to get to the league like Darren. I am from little ole Humboldt. I need to get recognized."

Colorado - "They are sending me a lot of hand written letters lately. I tried to call them, but I lost the number they sent me. Right now their staff is out on vacation so it is kind of hard to get in contact with them. I like Colorado though. I want to look into them."

E.J. had 23 catches for 685 yards and 6 TD's as a junior.

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