Rebs still battling for Sunshine LB

Ryan Baker (LB, Blountstown, FL) -'s #34 nationally rated weakside linebacker has had a relatively slow summer.

"I have just been working out with the guys," added Ryan Baker. "I went to Florida State's camp, and that is about it."

How did the FSU camp go?

"It was straight. I have a cousin over there so I have been over there a few times."

What impressed Baker the most about FSU?

"Their facilities."

Ryan has collected quite an impressive offer list.

"I have offers from Florida, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Clemson, UCLA, Purdue, Indiana, South Florida, Central Florida."

What about FSU?

"They said it was in the mail, but I do not have it in my hand, so I do not count them."

Has Baker had a chance to take in any unofficial visits?

"I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day and FSU's football camp. I am going to Florida this week. I am headed to LSU for a camp of theirs and then we go to South Carolina."

What will Baker keep an eye on while he is on his visits to Florida and LSU?

"I want to look at how the coaches interact with the players. I just want to see what kind of relationship they have."

What did he learn about the player/coaches relationships on his visits to Ole Miss and FSU?

"At Ole Miss they had a lot of what I was looking for. I was impressed with them a lot. The relationship with the players and the coaches were real good. They have real nice facilities too. It was in a rural place. It's not in a big city or anything."

Does Ryan prefer a college town atmosphere or the big city atmosphere?

"I say college town is best for me."

What did Baker learn about the FSU staff and players?

"I do not know because we did not see much of the players because it was just a camp. Hopefully I can get back over there for a game to see what they are about."

Which colleges are now at the top of Baker's list?

"I would say Clemson, LSU, FSU, Florida, Alabama,. Arkansas, Georgia, and UCLA. I like UCLA because it is in California."

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