Rebs in good position for Memphis linebacker

Tenarius Wright (LB, Memphis, TN) -'s #30 nationally rated middle linebacker has attended two college camps so far and has another one on tap this Sunday.

"I have been to Ole Miss' Sr, Passing , and 3 Day camps, and I also went to Memphis' 1 Day Camp," added Tenarius Wright. "I am going to LSU's 3 Day camp on Sunday."

The 6' 1 1/2", 221 pounder out of Whitehaven had a good experience at the Ole Miss camps.

"We did a lot of 1 on 1's at the SR Skilled camp. The individual camp taught me a lot about putting myself in position to make plays. The passing camp was just 7 on 7 games. We did all right."

How would Wright rate his performance?

"I guess good enough where they gave me an offer (laugh)."

How did that feel?

"It felt good. I always knew they were interested in me, but an offer lets me know they are real interested in me. I got to know their coaches a lot better during the camps, especially the individual camp. I know their starting middle linebacker, Patrick Willis, is now gone. I know I can play early if I go there."

What impressed Tenarius the most about Ole Miss during the trips?

"Just their enthusiasm toward football. Even the strength coach was all hyped up. Their whole demeanor is that football is everything around there."

How did the Memphis camp go?

"It was OK. All we really did was run the 40 and some position drills like form tackling and dropping into the zone. We did not do a lot of 1 on 1's or anything like that. The camp was OK. It was all right, just not as competitive as the Ole Miss camps."

Which colleges have now extended a scholarship offer?

"Ole Miss, Indiana, MSU, Arkansas, Memphis, and Miami."

Who is closest to offering next?

"I know Georgia is getting close. They are looking forward to watching my senior season. Hopefully I will get an offer from them after the first game or two. Hopefully after I go to LSU, I will get one from them too. Auburn is getting close and Alabama is showing me a lot of interest."

Who is coming after Tenarius the hardest?

"The hardest would have to be Ole Miss because I have been down there like six times in the last three or so months. Their coaches are always texting me, and I call them pretty much every week. I guess just the way they approach me when I see them in person makes me feel wanted."

Which colleges have caught Wright's eye so far?

"I like LSU, Miami, Auburn, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Tennessee."

What stands out about LSU?

"They have an NFL type program. When you look at their program; they do everything the NFL does. Their conditioning program, weight room, and the way they let their OLB rush at end, on the slot, blitzing and everything."

Wright actually considers himself more of a DE than a LB.

"DE is my naturally position but they are playing me at LB for now."

What are Miami's positives?

"I like Miami having the NFL in town (laugh). They send a lot of players to the league. If you can stand out in the ACC, you can most likely step into the NFL and progress."


"I went to their JR Day when they had their Spring game. I like the way their coaches push their team to be better, and I like how they interact with their players. Their head coach is even into their players and what they are doing. Auburn is like 85%, but LSU is my #1 school."

What about Arkansas?

"That is where I am from. It surprised me when I got an offer from Arkansas. I researched their defense and linebackers, and if their linebackers are not in the right spot, the defense does not work. I like that pressure on me. If I am not playing 100%, it will not work."


"They are a big D1 school too. I went to their Jr Day too. I liked their facilities. That is what really caught my eye. I am not as impressed with their defensive schemes as much as some of the other schools, but Tennessee is a great program."

Wright carries a 2.4 GPA / 17 ACT

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