Charles Mitchell talks about OM camps

Charles Mitchell (CB, Clarksdale, MS) - When one is asked who the top pure athlete in the state of Mississippi is this year, many will point towards Clarksdale, MS.

That is because Charles Mitchell has the complete game. Charles can take it 80 any time he touches the ball at running back. He is also one of the top pure corners in the state. And if you need someone on special teams, call on Charles Mitchell, as he took back four last year for TD's.

"I like to think of myself as being versatile," added Charles Mitchell. "I can do a lot of things on the field."

Where does Charles believe his talents are best suited for?

"I think cornerback, but I have been playing a lot of running back up until now. Some colleges think I will end up at safety. I do not know yet."

With a body frame that is currently 5' 11", 190 and speed that has been timed at a 4.56 at the combine and a 4.48 at the Ole Miss Sr Camp, you can see that he could flip many different ways on the next level.

"I really do not care where I end up. I just want to contribute. Whether that is at RB, CB, or S, it is all good to me."

Those talents were recently recognized when Mississippi's leading newspaper selected Charles as one of the Top 12 players in the Magnolia state.

"Making Dandy Dozen feels good. It means a lot. I reached one of my goals that I set when I was in 9th grade. I have to work even harder now because I have the spot light on me. I have to become more of a leader on the team. I also have to produce more on the field to hold my name up."

Mitchell has had a chance to take in a couple of camps this summer.

"I went to the individual and the skills camp at Ole Miss. I also went to the Memphis camp, and I am going to LSU on Sunday for the 3 Day camp."

How did Mitchell perform at the Ole Miss camps?

"I think I did pretty good. I learned a lot of new techniques and showed coach I can cover a little bit (laugh). I think I did good at the Ole Miss camps."

What new did Mitchell learn about Ole Miss during the camps?

"I really like the way their DB's play. They play on the outside where it is easy to cover your man. I do not know what they call it, but it is easier for me to cover in that system."

What stood out about Ole Miss?

"The energy and aggression of their coaches. I also liked how easy it was for me to catch on to how they play and how much better I got in just one day."

The Memphis camp was different than Ole Miss'.

"We did not do too much but a few drills. We did some offensive and defensive drills."

What did Charles like most about Memphis during the trip?

"I like the City of Memphis. It is a good town."

Mitchell will be heading down to the LSU camp with one thing on his mind.

"I want to try and go over there and have a good 40 time and show the coaches what I got to offer them. I want to make a name for myself over there."

In fact, when asked which school he would like to start recruiting him harder, the Tigers came to mind.

"LSU. I am looking to turn some heads down there on Sunday."

The soft spoken Mitchell had two schools on mind when asked who is recruiting him the hardest.

"Ole Miss and Alabama. They are recruiting me hardest. Colorado has picked it up. Florida has too. Iowa State, LSU, and MSU are still sending me letters and stuff like that."

What is Alabama currently doing to show him so much love?

"They wanted me to come down to their camp, but it is on the same day as LSU's. They have been writing and calling a lot. They said I would fit in good at CB for them. Coach Saban told me that since I did not get to come to one of their camps, I would still be in good hands at the LSU camp. I thought that was pretty classy of him. He said they loved my film, and they wanted to see me in person before they offer."

When asked which school is closest to offering him next, Alabama came to mind.

"I say probably Alabama because they are starting to show a lot more interest. Yea, Alabama for sure. But hopefully LSU will offer me after their camp."

And what about Ole Miss? What are they doing to show him so much interest?

"Well, they were the first school to start recruiting me, and they really have never let up since."

Charles had plans to head way up North to Colorado but those plans fell through.

"I was suppose to go up to Friday Lights Out up there, but my ride fell through. They have been sending me a lot of letters and texts lately."

Florida is also staying in touch.

"They send me a lot of hand written letters. They invited me to their camp, but I could not make it."

And what about Iowa State?

"They are just sending a lot of letters. They do not call or text. The schools who are keeping in phone contact with me are Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and UAB. That is about it."

What about the Mississippi State Bulldogs?

"They send a lot of letters and text a lot. They wanted me to come to their camp on the 14th, but we had a camp in Clarksdale on the same day, so I could not make it."

Lastly, which schools have caught Charles' eye so far?

"Probably Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, and MSU."

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