Rebs still in mix for Ridgeland lineman

Trevor Stigers (DL, Ridgeland, MS) - The 6' 31/2", 225 pound defensive lineman has not sat on his laurels this summer as he has been a busy man.

"I have camped at Ole Miss, USM, Jackson State, and I went to Alabama's and MSU's camps two weekends back," added Trevor Stigers.

It is no coincidence that these schools are the ones who have offered Trevor.

"I have offers from Auburn, Alabama, Jackson State, Ole Miss, MSU, and Southern Mississippi."

Which colleges are at the top of Stigers list?

"Right now, I am just going to ride it out and learn the schemes of everybody and see how many players they are pulling in at my position, and what they can bring towards my major."

Trevor Stigers
How did Trevor's experience go at the Ole Miss camp?

"It was good. I like the style of play for their DE's. They play them out wide and get after the passer. It seems like Coach Orgeron has a good relationship with his players, and he cares about them on and off of the field."

What stood out about the Rebels?

"Their style of play. I like their schemes on defense."

How did Stiger's USM experience go?

"I had a really good time at USM. Coach (Jay) Hopson is a real cool guy. Coach Bower is cool too. USM treats you like family. They do not down the other schools to make their school look better, like a lot of other coaches do for other schools. They just sell themselves. They do not tell you what they plan to do, they sell what they do. They have been to like 9 bowl games in the last 10 years."

What stood out about the Eagles?

"When we got down there for the individual work, coach spoke to us about their graduation percentage. That really caught my eye. There is always life after football, if you do not make it."

Trevor talks about his Alabama experience.

"It was a good experience. They are real uptempo at Alabama, kind of like at Ole Miss. They are steadily moving, real up pace. Ole Miss' and Alabama's staffs are a lot of like. They are both real energetic, high energy, and they do not like you not moving. They keep you going and going. I have a good relationship with Coach Bo Davis. And I got to meet Coach Saban. I thought he was going to be real laid back, but he is not like that at all. He is real intense. I also like their schemes. They play their ends out wide, but they also play them in the trenches. They mix things up a lot at Alabama."

What did Trevor most like about Alabama during the camp?

"Probably the intensity of their coaches and how well organized it was."

What about the MSU camp?

"I had a real good time at MSU. I liked their camp because they switched it up. They tested us and then we went 1 on 1's. After that, we came back on Saturday and they had a lunch for their top recruits with all of the coach's families and players. It was fun getting to eat with all of their team and their other top recruits. It gave me a chance to really get to know everyone."

What new did Trevor learn about MSU?

"I knew a lot already because they have been recruiting me hard, but the one new thing I did learn is why they use a cow bell. That was kind of funny. I also learned that they are graduating a lot of their linemen so it would be a good opportunity for me to play early if I go there."

Where does MSU now stand in Trevor's pecking order?

"Like I always say, everyone is always equal to me until I take my visits. But I like MSU. The reason I am not going to put them over anybody else is because I do not know about everybody's academics yet, but I plan on doing that in the next two weeks."

How does Trevor plan on checking on everyone's academics?

"Every where I have been, all of the camps have given us a website to look at their majors and classes. I kind of expect everyone to be about the same, but I want to know for sure before I set a pecking order."

What does Trevor want to major in?

"I want to be a Nutritionist and minor in Psychology."

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