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After a redshirt year on the defensive line, Cecil Frison believes he has found a home at tight end. He's currently trying to learn the position and "get my body right." Read about it inside.

When Cecil Frison came to Ole Miss last summer, he was willing to do anything he needed to do for the team.

Consequently, when the Rebel coaches asked him to play on the defensive line, he was ready, willing and able, but in his heart, he wanted to give tight end a try.

"Wherever the coaches want me to play is where I will play and give it my all, but if you ask me what I prefer, it's tight end," said Cecil. "I was moved to tight end to start spring training, but the last week I was moved back to defense because we were out of healthy bodies.

"In the offseason, Coach O asked me where I wanted to play and I told him tight end. He said to go for it."

Frison had nearly three weeks in spring at TE and felt he did a good job. He was glad when Coach Ed Orgeron gave him an option to choose his "permanent" position in the offseason.

"Coach O is very fair about stuff like that. I understood we were short of defensive linemen last year and in spring so it was no big deal for me to play over there - I was glad to do it," Cecil continued, "but now that we have more defensive linemen on our team, I was glad to be given a choice and my choice was offense.

"I came here to play tight end, if possible. I want the ball in my hands. I think I can contribute that way more than I could on defense."

Frison believes the current depth chart sets up nicely for his future.

"I can learn from our two seniors (Robert Lane and Robert Hough) this year and then be ready to roll next year. I would love to get some playing time and get on special teams this year too, but I know I have a lot to learn at tight end on this level," he said. "I think (David) Traxler and I can handle it when the seniors are gone and we will be strong at tight end."

Frison believes his strength is his work ethic and intensity. His need area is simply learning what to do at tight end.

"I play hard and I'm tenacious. I have some ability that I want to maximize," he explained. "My weakness is that I have to start from square one at tight end in terms of learning the plays and the techniques it takes to play the position, but I'm willing to learn.

"I'm going to have to be more under control on offense. It's different than defense. On defense, you can play with more abandon. You have to be more methodical on offense and never be out of control. I feel good about my hands and my routes from spring. I haven't been able to do much during seven-on-seven because I'm still rehabbing from offseason surgery, but I will be ready for two-a-days. I am very confident in my ability to catch the ball, so the rest is just learning and repetitions. I love my hands."

Cecil thinks he'd be perfect for special teams this year.

"I think I can use the aggression I learned on defense and apply it to special teams. You have to give your body up for special teams and I learned to do that while playing defense," he smiled.

Meanwhile, Cecil has been working on his body.

"I came to Ole Miss at about 245 pounds, but I had too much body fat. I've had to trim down and build back up with muscle. I got down to 230-235 and now I'm back up to 240, but I look and feel a lot different. I'm carrying good weight now instead of fat," he added. "I'd like to gradually get up to 255 or 260, which I think I can hold comfortably if it's the right kind of weight."

Cecil Frison isn't expecting to take the tight end position by storm. He's patient and is willing to pay his dues, but he does feel he can contribute to the team this year and that's his goal.

"I just want to help some this year and gradually increase my role on the team until I'm considered one of the main guys," he closed.

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