James Brown names a new leader

James Brown (OT, Liberty, MS) - The 6' 5", 325 pound offensive line prospect out of Amite County has had a relatively slow summer.

"I have just been lifting weights, running, and trying to get my back healed," added James Brown.

In fact, the back problem has gotten to the point where he can now start maxing out again.

"I was maxing around 320 before the summer, but I have gotten that up to 350. My squat, my legs had gotten real weak when I hurt my back, but I am back up around 550 now."

James finished 4th in the state of Mississippi's power lifting contest for the Super Heavy division this weight lifting season.

"My back was just sore, and I could not go all out. It has gotten a lot better since the season was out. I really expect to win it this year."

Brown has only attended one camp this summer but it was a good experience.

"I went to the Ole Miss camp in June. I was going through the drills, and it taught me that no matter if it is in the offseason or not, I have to stay in shape because they had me tired (laugh)."

James also learned something else about the Rebels.

"It was a lot better than I was expecting because most people I know kind of down talk Ole Miss, but it was a lot better than what they were saying. When I got back home, I told them they must be tripping on something."

The trip sent so well that the Rebels leap frog his long time favorite.

"I am kind of leaning towards Ole Miss now (over LSU). I guess it is due to my relationship with Coaches Orgeron, Hughes, and Kehoe. We talk all of the time. I just have that comfort level with them."

Despite the Rebels lead, the Tigers could easily get back in the game.

"If I had to name one school I wished would start recruiting me harder, it would be LSU, but they really are not even calling me anymore. I guess they are going in another direction. It sure seems that way to me."

When asked who else he would like to start recruiting him, James replied.

"Auburn and Tennessee. I have always liked both of those schools."

Have the Rebels asked Brown to commit yet?

"Yes, but I told them I was going to try and wait it out. They said they were not going to pressure me. They want me to get a feel for everyone. But they told me that when I was ready to commit, they would be there for me."

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