Rebs nearing commitment from Powe's brother?

Curtis Powe (DT, Wayne County, MS) - Powe has spent a lot of time on the sidelines the past two seasons which has curtailed his recruitment, but make no bones about it, he is not just Jerrell Powe's "little brother", the 6' 2", 300 pounder is as dominant as any defensive tackle in Mississippi.

In fact, when Powe's suspension was lifted in game eight last year, he poured in 58 tackles, 13 for losses, and 5 sacks during the toughest portion of the schedule for the 4A Champs.

"It was hard on me not playing in all of those games," commenting on his suspension that was due to an off the field altercation with a teammate. "I just used it as motivation to show everyone that I am a good person."

And what about Curtis as the player?

"I have a lot of confidence in my ability. I have never lacked that. I move well for someone my size. Jerrell and I have always had quick feet."

Does Curtis get tired of the comparisons between the two brothers?

"No, because I think Jerrell is the best defensive tackle I have ever seen play. He has it all. If they compare me to him, that means I have game (laugh). Jerrell is pretty much my mentor, best friend, and brother all at one. It is all good if they want to compare us."

There is also another thing the Powe brothers have in common. Both could be headed up to Ole Miss to further their athletic careers.

"Ole Miss is still on me hard, real hard (laugh). I talk to Coach (Ryan) Neilsen pretty much every week. He just keeps telling me to keep my grades up and stuff like that."

Where does Curtis stand academically?

"I have like 15 credits overall, but I do not know how many are the core ones. My counselor is getting all of that stuff together. I have not taken the ACT test yet, but I am taking it in September."

Despite Powe's obvious abilities, colleges have been slow to get in contact with Curtis.

"I mean, Ole Miss is on me hard, but nobody else is really calling or anything. I do not know why they are not? Maybe they just think I am going to Ole Miss because of Jerrell? Maybe they don't like me because of that fight? I do not know. I just keep telling myself to keep working hard and it will all take care of itself."

Has Ole Miss asked Powe to commit yet?

"Yes sir, but I told them I am going to wait until my senior year."

Why wait?

"Really, I just want to see who is going to recruit me. And believe it or not, I have never been to Oxford. I know Jerrell is always up there, but he is back and forth between there and Waynesboro. I just want to check things out before I commit or anything like that."

Why did Powe not attend any college camps this summer to get himself some exposure, while also giving himself an opportunity to visit the campuses he is interested in?

"Basically I am trying to work as many hours as I can this summer. I am trying to support myself and my mother."

What many Ole Miss fans want to know is this; if Jerrell is ruled academically eligible, will the Powe brothers be playing on the same defensive line?

"Yea, we talk about playing together at Ole Miss (laugh). It would just be a good thing to be on the field together. It would be a lot of fun. I hope it happens."

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