Nation's top overall prospect visits Ole Miss's #1 ranked overall player in the country had a chance to take in an unofficial visit to Ole Miss last week.To find out about how the visit went, read below.

"It was all great," added Arthur Brown. "I took a tour of their facilities. We got up there late at night, so we did not get to see that much, but I saw enough to know that Ole Miss has everything you need to become a big time program. I really enjoyed meeting the staff. My father hit it off with their head coach. They are from the same state (Louisiana), so they knew a lot of the same people. My dad is concerned about finding the right for me, so going into these visits, he wanted to get to know the head coach and find out where he is from and how he relates to the players."

And what did the Brown's learn about the Ole Miss head coach?

"Well, first of all he is great defensive mind and has sent a lot of great players to the NFL while he was at Miami and Southern Cal. That is a plus. My dad also felt like he has a good relationship with his players. Like he told us, he is only as good as his players, so in order to be successful, he knows he has to have a very good relationship with his players."

What impressed Arthur the most about Ole Miss during his trip?

"I would have to say their facilities. Their field was one of the best, if not the best, field I have seen out of all of the schools I visited. I had not heard too much about Ole Miss, so I would have to say their field."

What were Arthur's expectations going into the Ole Miss visit?

"I have never visited Oxford before. Actually, Ole Miss was not a big factor in my recruitment before I took this trip. I just basically went because me and a bunch of guys from this area were visiting a lot of schools in a short amount of time. Some of them wanted to go to Ole Miss, so we all went together to all of the schools that we all wanted to see. But once I got there, I liked what I saw and what they are doing, so I am going to really analyze them from here until I make my next cut."

And when will that cut take place?

"In September I will narrow my schools down to 16 schools. I am currently at 22."

Which colleges did Arthur visit over the last couple of weeks?

"Bryant Butler, who is our area's athletic trainer and is like a mentor to me, took my father, my brother, and a few players like Jadan Byrd, T.J. Shaun, Chase Megia, Chris Harper, and several more players from this area to Florida, FSU, Georgia, Ga Tech, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Ole Miss."

Did one visit stand out over the other for Arthur?

"I can not really say I enjoyed any one visit over the other. It was the first time I visited all of those schools and each one impressed me a lot."

Which schools are still in the running for the nation's top overall player?

"I am not quite sure about that. I am not going to release that until I make my next cut. The colleges that I released last were Florida, Florida State, Louisville, North Carolina, UCLA, Kansas State, LSU, Auburn, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Southern Cal, Rutgers, Georgia, Kansas, and there were some more like Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan, and California. There were 22 total schools altogether. I might have missed some."

Last season as a junior Brown had 158 tackles, eight sacks and an interception.

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