Ole Miss coaches make an impression with KP

Kendrick Presley (Ath, Kosciusko, MS) - The Clarion Ledger released its annual preseason Dandy Dozen team recently and there was one glaring omission.

"I thought I would make the team, but I guess God did not have it in the plans for me to make it," added Kendrick Presley.

The Clarion Ledger recently submitted a report stating that Kendrick, along with Trevor Stigers, were the first alternates for the Dandy Dozen squad.

"Do I think I am one of the best 12 players in the state? Yes, but I am going to use this as motivation to go out there this year and play my hardest and see if I can not change some minds."

The task at hand now is to get the Whippets to the championship game, which they have come ever so close the past two seasons with Presley at quarterback.

"I think our offense is going to be pretty good although we lost two of our more productive receivers. I am going to step up my leadership role, and I know our defense is going to be pretty tough. We really believe we have just as good of a chance to win it all this year as anyone else in Class 4A. We play West Point for the first time since I have been here, so we should know where we stand pretty quickly. First up is N' West Rankin. That is our only focus right now."

"KP", as friends and teammates refer him to, has been hard at work this summer getting himself prepared for that championship run.

"I have literally been living in the weight room (laugh). I have picked up some speed to. I ran a 4.5 the last time I was timed, but I am a little faster than that. I was benching around 250 going into the summer, and I have gotten that up to 275. I feel good going into the season."

Kendrick is a two year starter at quarterback for Kosciusko, but he might be getting some snaps at other positions.

"I will probably play a little tailback and wide receiver when I am not at quarterback. In the 7 on 7 game this summer, I played a lot of receiver. Some colleges are looking at me for receiver, and some of them are looking at me for safety. I just want to get in as many reps as I can so I have some experience going to the next level."

Which 7 on 7 camps did Presley attend this summer?

"I went to Ole Miss' and Alabama's."

Kendrick enjoyed his Alabama trip because he was able to get in a lot of reps at receiver.

"I feel like I had my best camp there because I played mostly receiver there. I had some really good games."

Did Presley have a chance to talk to the Alabama coaches about his performances on the field?

"No, I talked to them before it began. They said they were going to be looking at me, but I have not heard from them since."

No calls or texts from Alabama?

"No, they sent some letters, but that is it."

Is Kendrick disappointed in this?

"I really have not been thinking about it."

What did Presley like the most about Alabama during his trip?

"Well, I just like going up there. I just like their practice facilities, and they have some real nice buildings on campus."

How did his Ole Miss camp experience go?

"I liked it too. I talked to Coach Hughes while I was there, and spoke to Coach Orgeron too. They told me they were going to be watching me every Friday, and they are ready for me to be a part of their program."

What impressed Kendrick the most about Ole Miss during his trip?

"They have some real nice buildings too. They have good coaches too. Their coaches seem to be real nice guys who care about their players. It's just different with them for some reason. They make me feel like I am already apart of their program."

Kendrick's two close friends and former teammates, Terry Levy and Jamariey Atterberry, will be at Ole Miss when Kendrick enters his freshman season. Will this play a role in his decision?

"That will not have any effect on my decision if I go up there or not. I am going to go to the school and coaches I feel the most comfortable around and where I can get the best education."

Four schools continue to show the most interest in Presley.

"The same four schools who offered me stay in contact through texts and stuff like that. Ole Miss, MSU, USM, and Iowa State are all pretty consistent with me."

Does KP have a time frame for his decision?

"I think I am going to wait until after the season is over."

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