Sowell excited after slimming down

Weight is only one need for an offensive lineman, so incoming freshman Bradley Sowell made a decision to drop pounds and add athleticism. A quick glance at his 6-9 frame reveals that the goal was accomplished. But it may take more than one look to recognize the new and improved Sowell.

"I had already dropped some weight from my training at home, but when I got here, he (Aaron Ausmus) helped me out even more," Sowell said. "I am at about 306 from 366. I made a decision, and if you are going to be any good, then you have to be the necessary size. 366 is way too big for me."

No, that isn't a typo. Sowell has dropped 60 pounds and is in the best shape of his life. If anything, it may be a little too light. The Hernando native wants to be at 315, but either way, Sowell's movement will undoubtedly be better.

"I am in such better shape than I have ever been in. I can get out and run and get better strides. Better shape will help in every way and in everything that I have to do. I feel like I am in as good of shape as everyone else because we have all been through the same workouts. I think I can compete at this size."

Dedication was necessary, but Sowell said that the formula for weight loss wasn't difficult.

"Different eating and really just taking care of your body. I did the necessary things, and it just happened. I cut out all fried food and drank a lot of water. That and a lot of running."

Now that one phase of getting ready is completed, Sowell is moving on to learning the Rebels' system. He feels the hardest part will be understanding and becoming acclimated with his assignments.

"The plays down here are something that I have never seen before. Learning it all is difficult. Me and Rishaw (Johnson) have been working together to learn them. After that, I am going to go all out and compete."

The freshmen linemen are sticking together to get comfortable with the new situation, and they are also getting help from the more seasoned players.

"Me, Rishaw and Alex Washington are pretty tight. They are the only ones that I have really been around, but the older guys are helping us out."

And if the reportedly brutal two-a-days are weighing on Sowell's mind?

"No, I'm not worried about it."

After dropping 60 pounds in that quick of a time, confidence is apparently not a problem for the freshman.

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