Catching up with Ramon Blakeney

Ramon Blakeney (LB, Laurel, MS) - One of the top linebackers in the state, if not THE TOP linebacker, had 138 tackles, 7 sacks, 3 int's, and 4 forced fumbles for the '06 campaign while being named the District 5(4A) MVP for his play on the field.

So why have we not heard much from this talented youngster this summer?

"I lost my phone right when the summer started," stated Ramon Blakeney. "I really did not have anymore money to get another one, so I have been just using my mother's cell since. I just got back my phone last week. A lot of people have lost communication with me, but I'm back (laugh)."

What has the 6' 3", 215 pound linebacker been doing this summer?

"I have been working out religiously, just getting ready for the season."

Blakeney's strength numbers have increased during this time frame.

"I was benching around 235 at the end of the season. We tested on our first day back last week. I was getting 325 up three times, so I feel a lot stronger in my upper body. My power clean, I tested 450 and I was at 335 at the end of the season. I am like night and day ahead of where I was at the end of my junior year."

Has Ramon had a chance to attend any football camps this summer?

"Yes sir, I went to USM's mini-camp and the 7 on 7 Steve McNair camp."

Did his game improve from the added experience?

"I feel like I learned a lot. I am really getting to know the keys to the plays. I am trying to get to that college level."

Speaking of colleges, which ones are staying in constant contact with Ramon?

"All of them are writing letters and texting. Well, they can not text us anymore. They had to quit those on Monday."

How does Ramon feel about the new rule which states that colleges can no longer text the recruits?

"I hate it. It is going to be really hard for them to keep in touch with me. They will have to write me, and I will have to call them. I do not know. I just think it is a stupid rule for us and them. How are we suppose to get to really know the coaches if we can not be in constant contact with them. We only get to meet them in person a couple of times, so it gives me a good opportunity to get to know the coaches when we text back and forth. I am glad I at least had a chance to get to know all of the coaches who are recruiting me. I feel sorry for the next group of guys who come through. You are signing with a school that you are suppose to feel the most comfortable with, and how can we really get to know the coaches if we can not get to know them on a real personal basis?. It just seems to me that a lot of players are going to make the wrong choices in the future with this new rule."

Which colleges are staying in constant contact by way of text messaging?

"Ole Miss, MSU, USM, LSU, and West Virginia. Some other colleges write a lot like Auburn, Army, Tulane, Memphis, Florida, and Michigan, but they do not text a lot."

Which colleges does Ramon call on his own?

"Ole Miss, USM, and MSU. I call them pretty often."

Any new scholarship offers?

"Still just Ole Miss."

What is USM telling Blakeney?

"I went to their camp, and he said they were going to offer me. MSU wanted me to come to their camp, and he wanted to talk about an offer with me, but it was held on the same day as USM's, so I had to miss it."

What is LSU saying?

"They are telling me that I need to stay on my books, and get my ACT score up and I can play for them."

What are Ramon's current grades?

"I am not sure what my GPA is right now. I have a 15 or a 16 on the ACT."

West Virginia has the same message as LSU.

"Coach just text me every week to tell me to keep up with my books and to get my academics up. They really want me to come up there."

What is Ole Miss telling Ramon?

"They just want me up there. They text and ask about my grades and how me and my momma are doing. They probably text the most, and I am probably in contact with them more than anyone else, them and Southern Mississippi."

What stands out about the three state schools?

"Ole Miss really tells me about their game plays and how their defense is run. They really want you to stay on your keys. USM really attacks the ball. And MSU, they tell me what kind of formations they use, but they have not really gone into details about their defense. I am not in tight contact with them like I am with Ole Miss and USM."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I want a good Physical Therapy. I want a defense that likes to attack and be real aggressive, blitzing and all of that."

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