Practice Report, Day 2

The Ole Miss football team chalked up their second day of fall camp with a three-hour workout on the practice fields Sunday afternoon. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's comments about the workout inside.

The Rebs went through a short walk-through practice this morning which, according to Coach Ed Orgeron, helped them toward a "sharper and crisper" afternoon practice during the second day of fall camp.

The following is the Q & A with Coach O following Sunday's practice.

Coach O: We had meetings last night and a walk-through practice this morning led to the guys catching on in today's full practice. They were a lot crisper and there were a lot less repeats this afternoon. Guys were zipping around. We had better execution. The offense did not turn over the ball as many times as they did yesterday. Reggie Hicks played some at tailback today and had some big runs. He also played some at tight end - we had a couple of tight ends go down with some cramping and Reggie filled in. He's a guy who is showing up as a utility guy, which is good. Mike Herrick had a good day today. He played some with the first team and was efficient. He did some good things. The QB race is where we want it to be - very competitive. On the offensive line, the guys who conitnue to show up are John Jerry and Corey Actis. Mark Jean-Louis is down between 28-30 pounds in body weight and is going every rep. He looks like a guy who could provide some depth for us and is doing a good job. Greg Hardy caught some big balls on offense - made some big plays. BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Bruce Hall continue to play very well. At fullback, we are looking very good. Jason Cook and Andy Hartmann are doing a nice job. We did some extensive research and development at that position and it's helped. At wide receiver, Marshay Green had an excellent day today. He was all over the place and continues to do an excellent job. We worked on kickoff today and had mixed reviews - some good kicks, some not so good. We have a way to go there. We will miss Will Moseley there. On defense, Peria Jerry had a really good day today as well as Marcus Tillman. Jonathan Cornell is really showing up too. He is probably our best LB right now. Jamarca Sanford and Ted Laurent showed up well too, along with Lawon Scott. In the secondary, Dustin Mouzon is doing well and Jamarca too. We are having some inconsistencies at free safety - we are not solid there yet. Kendrick Lewis was put there in spring and is still learning, but he has a ways to go. If Johnny Brown continues to show up, we may see more of him.

Q: Talk a little more about BJGE.

Coach O: We put in a couple of plays that will help Ben. We have also changed some schemes up front that I think will help him. He's having another excellent camp.

Q: You have to be pretty pleased at tailback.

Coach O: Yes. We have Ben, Cordera, Bruce, now Reggie and the transfer from UCLA, Jeremy McGee. He looks really good too. He's having a good camp. We are really strong at TB.

Q: How did the whole weekend rate to you?

Coach O: Yesterday there was a lot of anxiety and wasted energy. Today was more settled. We are now getting into the routine. Today was much better than yesterday. We are miles ahead of where we were last year, players and coaches. I'm seeing the fire and intensity of the coaching staff I need out there.

Q: What about Hardy allows him to make the move from WR while still playing DE?

Coach O: When I first recruited him I asked him what he wanted to play, expecting him to say DE or TE. He said WR. I thought he was kidding - I did. We are playing him outside at WR and some inside at TE, in the slot too. He's very athletic, he's got good hands, he' a big target and he really likes it out there. We don't have a big target like him for a mismatch against a small corner or nickel back. He gives us that. You can put him anywhere and he can perform. He's splitting time with defense.

Q: Where is Peria Jerry playing?

Coach O: He's playing tackle and Marcus is playing DE.

Q: Is Jeremy Garrett where you need him health-wise?

Coach O: He had a little soreness yesterday and had to sit out a little, but he came back today and went the whole practice. I think he will be fine. We expected some soreness.

Q: Which freshmen are standing out right now?

Coach O: Johnny Brown, Ted Laurent and Lawon Scott. Those are two of the best young tackles I have been around in a while. They have talent. They are big and they move around. What is most pleasing is that they haven't missed a rep yet. Their conditioning is pretty good.

Q: What about Todd Cox?

Coach O: He's jumping in there some. We have a lot of LBs competing for reps. He's doing fine. We will know more tomorrow because we put the shoulder pads on and can do a little more thumping. We can check some guys out more. We'll be popping some tomorrow.

Q: How much can your fullback get involved in this offense?

Coach O: We have put in more blocking schemes for them and have given them more decision-making responsibility. We are also wanting to throw to them more. We are spreading them out some too. We want them to be more of an athlete and more of a tailback type player.

Q: Talk more about Ted.

Coach O: He's toughing it out. Some guys did not make every rep today - he did. He's a very good athlete. He's pretty quick and very strong. He's a leverage player. He's about 6-0 or 6-0 1/4 and uses that leverage very well. He's perfect for nosetackle. He's quick but he's more of a strong player than quick player.

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