'I will hopefully make a decision next week'

Scout.com's #11 nationally ranked strong side linebacker recently decided to transfer from Wooddale (TN) to Olive Branch (MS).

"My mother ended up getting a new job down there, so I had to transfer," added Marlon Walls. "It was tough at first knowing I was not going to be able to finish my career with all of my boys, but Olive Branch is a great school."

What has Walls' biggest adjustment been?

"Just learning the plays. It has been real good for me though. I am still playing TE and Rover LB, so that has not changed."

Olive Branch had a chance to participate in the prestigious Hoover tournament and Walls believes they found themselves during the event.

"We started off real bad. The first two days we lost all of our games but one, but then when the single elimination tournament started, we won 7 in a row and got to the consolation championship game. I pulled in some big TD's. I had the most TD's on the team and I batted down three balls. It was a good week for me."

What has Marlon noticed about his new team?

"They are all about winning over here. The talent is not that much different than it was at Wooddale, but it is definitely a lot more intense around here. Like I said, they are all about winning over here."

Marlon had a chance to visit the Gators recently and came away impressed.

"Florida was real nice. They treated me like a king over there. Me and Coach Strong have a real tight bond anyway. We text each other every day. They had me thinking over there. It made the process even harder."

Was Walls leaning in another direction before he went on the visit?

"Yea, I was leaning towards Tennessee, but that visit make me think even harder."

What stands out about Tennessee?

"Coaching wise, and I have always wanted to play for them. That was always my dream as a little kid, to play for UT."

Is there anybody else in the sweepstakes for Marlon's signature?

"Ole Miss is still right there with UT and Florida."

Ole Miss was not listed as one of Marlon's favorites the last time we spoke. What changed?

"I got kind of caught up in the other big names. You have to look a the big picture, and they have always been there for me. Me and Coach Orgeron are really tight. I do not know, it just kind of feels like home away from home over there."

One would think that the lifelong Tennessee resident would have already visited the Vols, but that is not the case.

"I have been to Florida, and I have been to Ole Miss several times, a bunch of times. But I have never been to Tennessee. I plan on going up there this weekend, and then I will come back home and think things over for a couple of days and make a decision by hopefully late next week."

When it comes decision time, what will be the main factors?

"Playing time, my relationship with the coaches, and their academic support group."

Could distance play a role in his final decision?

"Yes, it will play a role because my father and mother really want to see me play on Saturday's."

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