Practice report, Day 5

The Rebels practiced in full pads for the first time in August camp this afternoon. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's comments about the workout inside.

The following are Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's comments after Wednesday's practice. The Rebels were in full pads for the first time in fall camp and Orgeron seemed pleased with the showing.

Coach O: I was really excited about the attitude of the team today in our first day of pads. We had a lot of spirited drills. Everyone had a chance to get some one-on-one work and some team work in full gear. We ended up with a great scrimmage on the goalline. It went back and forth all day and the kids were really into it and really, really worked ahrd.

Q: Did you see some big eyes in the first day of pads?

Coach O: I saw some guys who were eager, which is a good sign. I saw more big eyes the first practice than the first pad practice. They were really eager to hit today. We talked about what we wanted in the meetings today and everyone performed well.

Q: Did the extra weight of the full pads bog anyone down?

Coach O: No. It was good. Nobody missed a lot of work due to the heat. They are getting used to the conditions and the intensity of practice.

Q: How does Brent Schaeffer look at wide receiver and what are his prospects there?

Coach O: First of all, he volunteered to go out there. He did some good things and still has to work on some things. We are going to give him every opportunity out there to make the first team and be a good player. I will say this though, he will have to remain consistent with his work habits and everything he does to do that.

Q: How much work did her get there in spring becuase he played there a couple of plays in the Red-Blue game?

Coach O: That was one of those middle-of-the-night deals in the coaches gameplanning for that game. (laughs) He didn't really work there in spring.

Q: What does moving Brent say about the quarterback slot?

Coach O: Well, it means we have a lot of belief in Seth Adams and Michael Herrick, but they still ahve a way to go. They have to get better at their position overall. They aren't as crisp as we want them to be. Sometimes Michael looks good and we give him a chance with the first team and he throws an out pattern at the receiver's feet. Seth gets with the first team and does some good things and some things not so well. They both just have to keep getting better.

Q: Does moving Brent mean he's out of the QB loop?

Coach O: No. It's just been two days at WR for him and we are going to see how everything develops, at WR and at QB. I call it temporary right now. Anything could change.

Q: Lionel Breaux at WR today?

Coach O: He asked to get a shot at WR last night. I told him he'd have it today and we gave it to him. He was doing well at corner, but we need wideouts too. We are still experimenting. He might be another two-way player for us. We'll see. It could be a real good thing.

Q: You seem to have several players you can play at different positions - Brent, Dexter, Greg Hardy, Reggie Hicks, maybe Breaux. Talk about those guys and their versatility.

Coach O: They are athletes. The more athletes, the better. It's good to have flexibility and versatility. The good thing is that most of the psotion changes have been voluntary or asked for. Guys are seeing where they have a chance to play and are asking to play there. We will give them that chance. It's a good situation.

Q: Anything on Chris Strong today?

Coach O: I feel we are close to wrapping that up and for him to be admitted to school tomorrow.

Q: You had Tony Fein inside and Cornell outside again today. How is that working?

Coach O: There are a lot of positives with Tony in the middle. Obviously, he still has things to work on but I think we have time to get those things corrected.

Q: Peria Jerry not practicing today, does that concern you?

Coach O: He's similar to Patrick Willis last year. We are being careful with him. Our goal is to get him full speed by September 1. He gets sore. We rest him when he does. He will be fine.

Q: Were you comfortable with Dexter McCluster in full pads today?

Coach O: I was a little nervous when he went in the one-on-one drill, but he jumped right in there. That's a good sign and he feels good about it, but I don't want to do that many more times in camp. (smiled) I want to hold him out as much as possible, but he probably needed that for himself.

Q: The running backs were catching the ball a lot out of the backfield. Is that an emphasisis?

Coach O: With our wide receiving corps being thin, we have to find different ways to get those running backs - who are excellent athletes - the ball more often and part of that is throwing to them.

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