Powe signs scholarship papers with Ole Miss

Jerrell Powe (DT, Wayne County, MS ) - The most anticipated defensive signee in Ole Miss' modern day history is in route to Oxford MS. The former Army All-American has not spoken to the media in nearly two years but has decided to give scout.com an exclusive interview about what he has gone through during this time frame. To read about what he had to say, read below.

"I am in my car right now headed to Oxford," added Jerrell Powe. "I am finally going to be an Ole Miss Rebel."

There were countless rumors that Jerrell was headed to Miami and also had Alabama and Virginia Tech hot on his heels to sign, but Powe has a few things he wants to tell the Ole Miss fans.

"Tell them that I told them I would be there from day one, and I would stay true to my word that I would never play for anyone but Ole Miss. I am going to make the Ole Miss family proud when I get there. I also want to say that the Ole Miss fans kept me going through the tough times. When I would be just about at that breaking point, I would read a lot of words of encouragement from the Ole Miss family. That made me more determined than ever to make them proud. I have never wanted to do anything but represent out state university and win them a championship."

Has Jerrell signed his letter of intent with the University of Mississippi?

"Yes, I signed it today."

When does he expect to start practicing at Ole Miss?

"Tomorrow, or maybe on Friday because I have to maybe go through an academic orientation day on Thursday. At least that is what they told me tonight."

When does Jerrell expect to hear back from the NCAA clearinghouse?

"This Friday or next Friday."

Will Jerrell get to continue to practice with the team until all of the T's and I's have been dotted and crossed with the NCAA clearinghouse?

"Yes, I have 14 days to practice. They think everything will be taken care of well before that."

What are Powe's chances in getting cleared with the NCAA?

"Well, we still have some more hurdles to jump, but I feel confident the NCAA is going get me cleared. I am just relieved that I can go ahead and start practicing with all of my boys. I feel like I have been apart of this team for two years now. I have built a lot of close relationships with some of the players on the team, now I am just ready to go to battle with them. But yes, I feel good, my lawyers feel good, and Ole Miss feels good that the NCAA will pass me through this time."

What did the Ole Miss staff say to Jerrell about the newest developments?

"Really, we were all kind of in tears. This has been a long hard fight for all of us. That Ole Miss staff went to war for me, and you can rest assure I am about to to go to war with them."

Jerrell has already started to set some team goals.

"We are going to a bowl, period. We are going to push this thing to the limit. Ole Miss is about to be back on the map."

Powe actually had a chance to go through the summer conditioning program last summer and learned a lot about himself during that time frame

"I feel I have been through the fire, and I made it. I know what to expect tomorrow at practice. I feel I am a little experienced on the conditioning side. I made it through all of the tests last year, and I know I will do it this year because I am even more hungrier. It is all a mind thing."

Jerrell hired a personal trainer this year and believes it will pay dividends.

"I actually showed up last summer at 365, and I weighed in at 348 tonight after eating a big home cooked meal (laugh). I am ahead of last year, and I know I am going to get to where I need to be. Last summer, I went from 365 to 336 in just a month under Coach Double A's (Aaron Ausmus) tutelage. I believe in Coach Double A. He is the best at what he does, and he got me to where I needed to be last summer and I know he will do it again."

And what are Jerrell's immediate goals for two a days?

"I just want to get in shape and learn the playbook a little bit better. I want to get on the field, prepare for Tim Tebow, and have the mindset so I can perform to the best of my ability."

Many Ole Miss fans have worried that Jerrell might only be around for a year at Ole Miss but Powe says that should not be a worry.

"Put it this way, I am not leaving Ole Miss until I am guaranteed that I am a Top 10 pick. I can guarantee you that I will be up there for at least two years because I am going to play at least a year with my little brother (Curtis Powe). We have already made that promise, and like I guaranteed you that I would never play for another school but Ole Miss, I am guaranteeing you that I will not leave after my freshman year."

Ole Miss could be in for some more huge news as Chris Strong is expected to be cleared to start practice tomorrow afternoon.

Powe came out of high school rated the #1 defensive tackle in America by most and for good reason. All he did was collect 255 tackles and 37 QB sacks during his stay at Wayne County.

Jerrell signed with Ole Miss in February of '05 but had to go the prep school (Hargrave) route.

During Hargrave's combine in January, Powe weighed in at 330 plus and ran a sub 5.0 forty, which was a school record for players weighing in over 300 pounds.

The former Army-American has been assigned jersey #57 for the Rebels.

To watch Jerrell's film, follow #57 and click here.

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