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Chris Lofton (CB, Ralaigh, MS) - True "sleepers" are an endangered species in today's recruiting era due to the high coverage it receives compared to the pre-internet days, but do not be fooled, you can still find a diamond in the rough every now and then if you look hard enough.

This sleeper has yet to receive any "stars" yet, and he does not even hold a D1 offer (yet), but that will certainly change during his senior campaign.

We got a chance to watch Lofton at one of the 7 on 7 camps this summer. He went up against South Panola and just about single handily beat them in both games. He is simply an amazing athlete that is being overlooked.

"I just pay attention to what the coaches tell me and I do what they say," added the 6' 1", 180 pound starting quarterback and cornerback for Raleigh. "That makes it easy."

But Lofton also possesses some gifted skills that makes him stand out.

"I have great hands, and just a knack for knowing where the ball is going on defense because I have played quarterback my whole life. On offense, I just make plays."

And making plays is something that Chris did on a regular basis as a junior as he scored 30 times and led his team to a 10-2 record. If that sounds worthy enough, we forgot to add that he also led Class 3A in interceptions with 13. Chris was named 1st Team All-District 8(3A) for his on the field accomplishments.

Lofton had a chance to take in two college camps this summer.

"I went to Ole Miss' MSU's passing camps."

Chris talks about each camp experience.

"Ole Miss was nice. I had fun. It was hot though. We beat South Panola twice. We came home with a lot of confidence after that camp."

"MSU was basically the same. Everyone had fun. We were out there to win."

Which colleges are showing Lofton the most interest?

"USM and Ole Miss. USM asked me to come to their camp, but I could not make it because it was on the same day as another team camp we went to. Ole Miss has been telling me to prepare for next season and to stay in shape."

What stands out about USM?

"They know how to win."

And Ole Miss?

"Everything. I just love their school."

Which college is closest to offering?

"USM because that is who my coach said would most likely offer me first."

And if there was one school Chris would like to start recruiting him harder, it would be?

"Mississippi State. I like their colors. It is just a school I always liked. That is where I wanted to go."

When it comes decision time for Lofton, one factor will stand out above all others.

"I just want to go to where I can play the most. I just want to play."

Stay here at as Chris' game tapes from the 2006 season will be released in the near future.

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