Which side of the ball for Lionel Breaux?

One of the more talented athletes that Ole Miss signed in the '07 class arrived to campus with wide receiver on his mind, but so far during practices, he has been given a look at both receiver and cornerback. Both are positions of need.

"I mostly played on the defensive side of the ball during conditioning drills. The defense has been pretty good. You know I played corner my whole career too, so it is not like I was just thrown into a new position," added Lionel Breaux at media day.

Does Lionel expect to contribute his freshman season?

"Oh yea. That is one of the main reasons I signed here. I looked at that a whole lot. You know, big time players get a chance to play here as a freshman. Kendrick (Lewis), Marshay (Green), I knew them in high school. I knew they played here as a freshman. I know that the starting position is etched in sand, as Coach O always says. That helps a lot, mentally, knowing that you have a chance to play as a freshman."

Does Breaux believe it will be easier to get on the field on offense or defense?

"Well, on offense, they have a lot of guys there and a lot of guys coming back. But on defense, I think I have a chance to play a whole lot. They need some more corners, and they need some more speed. I feel like I have a chance to play a whole lot on defense, but I am going to go into two a days with the mind set that I want to play a whole lot on both sides of the ball and just see where it goes."

What has been the biggest change from high school to college ball?

"Well, you have to switch your mindset because you are jumping up another level. That is the biggest thing, the mental part. The competition here is just so much more than what you are expecting."

Has Ole Miss been everything that Breaux had hoped it would be?

"It really has. The coaching staff here makes you feel at home, and they have made the transition easy on me. Plus, there are a lot of Louisiana guys already up here so they kind of took me under their wings. I love it up here. It already feels like home away from home."

Breaux was a track star as he ranked 4th nationally in the 800 (1:54), "7th or 8th" in the 400 (47.7) and has run a 21.5 200 and 10.8 100 Meter.

He was named Louisiana's 2006 District 9(4A) MVP after amassing over 1, 100 yards receiving (33 receptions) and 13 TD's his senior season.

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