OM and Bernard Smith split ways

Bernard Smith (LB, Atlanta, GA) -'s #25 nationally rated strong sided linebacker and Ole Miss have mutually decided that both parties need to go in another way.

"I went to their football camp earlier this summer, and I guess they could see it in my eyes that I was not feeling it," added Bernard Smith. "I have not heard from them since their camp. They have not text me, wrote me, nothing. I have not tried to make any contact with them either."

What happened?

"I do not know. There were a lot of things going on. First, they are the only school that was recruiting me for linebacker, and I want to play on the line. I was only 205 this Spring, but I have put on 20 good pounds. I am staying on the line, hopefully defensive end. My goal is to stay down. I just committed too early, to be honest. They were the first school that I visited, and they just kind of blew me away with their nice facilities and stadium. A lot of schools were not recruiting me because of my grades, but I just made a score high enough on my ACT test where I do not need to pull up my GPA anymore. I just want to see what happens during my senior year and make a signing day decision. Ole Miss is a great school, and I am sure Coach Orgeron is going to build them into a championship team, but I want to weigh my options and I think Ole Miss needs linebackers more than they do defensive ends, so we both kind of just went our own way."

Did Smith get a chance to visit anymore schools this summer?

"I was suppose to go to Auburn's camp, but I never made it. A couple more schools have started showing me some interest like Clemson and Miami."

Any new scholarship offers?

"No, to tell you the truth, when I see it is an out of town phone number, I just do not answer my phone."

Does Smith call any coaches on his own?

"I do not call anybody. I am just waiting for this season. When signing day comes, I want to have a bunch of papers in front of me so I can have a lot of options. I will let the coaches know about my decision, and that will be it. I guess some attention came to me when I was talking to Auburn. Once that got out, the other colleges quit calling, so I am going to put my poker face on so everybody will stay in contact."

Which colleges are staying in contact through mail?

"Auburn, Miami, Clemson, Louisville, MTSU, and Illinois. I am trying to stay focused on having a breakout season so they will say, dang, we got to find a way to get this kid. I am trying to stay humble."

How are the preseason practices going?

"Great, these two a days were kind of hectic with it being 100 degrees, but we have a team that can go all the way this year. Everybody has athletes, but you need to be a team to win. Last year we were individuals, but this year we are going to play as a team."

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