Happy to be back at tight end

Cecil entered the Ole Miss program with hopes of playing tight end, but after several injuries to the Rebel's defensive line, he was primarily used at nose guard during the practices in the Fall.

This past Spring Frison was moved back to his natural position and he could not be anymore happy.

"It feels good," added the 6' 4", 240 pound Memphis native. "No, make that it feels real good. I have been waiting on this for a long time."

Does this give Frison extra motivation going into two a days?

"Yea, I am going to camp focused and knowing what I have to do, so I can try and get on the field."

Cecil took a redshirt last season. Now looking back on it, is Frison glad he was redshirted?

"Yea, I really am. If you would have told me I was going to redshirt when I signed, I would have told you that I was not going to be happy. But it gave me time to adjust to the college game, the speed and everything. I think it was a benefit for me. Looking back on it, it was a blessing that I redshirted, actually."

What are Frison's personal goals for his redshirt freshman season?

"I just want to try and get on the field. I want to get into the rotation. I want to get on some special teams play. I want to play on the goal line situations. It does not matter. I am just trying to get on the field when I can."

What has Cecil learned from the veterans at tight end?

"I have learned to take control of your own game. You can not depend on anybody. You have to take control yourself. You have to do the extra little things, like running that extra mile, watching film. I have learned a lot from players like (Robert) Lane and Robert (Hough)."

If there was one area that needed improving the most; it would be what?

"Just being more focused. I have to have confidence in what I have to do."

How has Cecil's Ole Miss experience gone so far?

"It has been great. I love it every day I am here. I would never regret it."

Frison is one of Ole Miss' ace recruiters. What makes him so effective?

"I just tell them the truth, and that is if you want a chance to play, Coach Orgeron is going to give you that chance. He is a great coach. You are going to have to work hard, but it is only to make you a better player. But more importantly, I tell them that we are about to win big time over here. You can just see the type of players he is bringing in, and we have some of the best coaches and facilities in America. Ole Miss is in a great town with the prettiest campus and girls in America. What else could one want coming out of high school? It's just a great place to be."

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