Practice report, Saturday

The Ole Miss Rebels held their first scrimmage/practice game of the August camp today in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's comments on the workout inside.

Coach O: We had an outstanding scrimmage this afternoon. We worked a lot of special teams. I thought Joshua Shene was excellent kicking field goals and he kicked off and did a good job today. WR Lionel Breaux really showed out in the return game. He returned a kickoff for a TD and also caught a couple of catches receiver, one for a touchdown. He really looked good. He stepped up. I think we may have found a playmaker at that position so I am excited about that. Seth Adams played first team QB all day. He completed some balls and missed on some - kind of the same as before. I don't know what is completion ratio was, but he had the better day today. Robert Lane caught some balls today as well. BenJarvus Green-Ellis had an OK day, but Bruce Hall had a very good day. He ran the ball hard and made some big plays. Jerrell Powe played just a little bit in thud drills - no scrimmage. But on his first play, he forced a fumble. Chris Strong did some good things and looked good. He's a really good athlete. We had several guys not practice, just regular camp stuff. We went in the stadium and had kickoff at 2:30 for obvious reasons (first game KO is 2:30 in Memphis). I thought the guys really responded well and had a great attitude. There was good mental toughness out there.

Q: What were you specifically looking for and what did you get in those areas?

Coach O: It was a preseason game, number one, so we wanted to put the guys out there and see what happened. We had a couple of offsides, a couple of missed assignments, a couple of dropped balls, but we can stress to these guys that as the preseason continues those have to be reduced.

Q: Did you coach from the sidelines and press box?

Coach O: No. Not yet. I needed our coaches on the field running around and coaching in this scrimmage. We'll do that later.

Q: What is Powe's status?

Coach O: He has some conditioning to do to get in football shape, but we've got time to get it done.

Q: Who looked good in the trenches?

Coach O: Michael Oher. He's 315 pounds and in the best condition of his life. He's going every snap and I rarely see him breath hard and he's going hard every snap. He's having a great camp.

Q: How did Tony Fein do at MLB?

Coach O: He was fired up out there, for sure. I have to see on film how he did. I'm not ready to say he's ready yet, but he is intense. I lov ehis intensity.

Q: Who imppressed you in the secondary?

Coach O: Jamarca Sanford continues to play well and so does FS Kendrick Lewis. He's playing really well. I tell you, Colby Arceneaux did a good job today as well with a big tackle and an interception. The second team secondary had three or four picks today and for us that's a big number.

Q: It must satisfying to see Lionel do well at WR where you are thin.

Coach O: It's a gift. We are thin at CB too, but he looks natural at WR. He's such a hard worker and a great young man and competitor. He is definitely going to play for us this year. He should be one of our top receivers. He probably felt he wasn't performing at a high enough level at CB and he asked to move. I'm glad he did.

Q: What is the importance of taking a day off tomorrow?

Coach O: It's good. Each coach is assigned a church and most of our guys are going to attend church tomorrow. It's optional, but most have said they would. I'm sure they are going to sleep late too. They will have the whole day off. It will be good for them to get out in the community and meet some other people and establish some friendships. We want them to have Sundays off and give them a chance to go to church.

Q: Thus far this camp, what are your impressions?

Coach O: Number one, I love the team's attitude. Their approach to work is excellent. We're very talented on the offensive line and when we get our DL totally there with Peria Jerry, Jerrell Powe, Marcus TIllman, who again had a big day, and Greg Hardy, who also had another big day, we will be pretty good. They can be dominant football players. They aren't yet, but can be. BenJarvus, Bruce, Lane, Marshay Green are all playmakers. We held Dexter McCluster out today but we know his ability. Robert Hough is also a playmaker. Seth is starting to pull away with the QB race it looks like to me. He didn't do anything great today, but he operated the offense. There were a couple of real good throws and a couple of mistakes.

Q: How did Josh handle kickoffs today?

Coach O: Very well. The other day he kicked one in the streets on the practice field from the 30. I don't know how farthat is, but it's far enough. Bryan Powers had a 75 yard punt today. Coach Chris Rippon has really been working with him. One of our goals is to flip the field and he did it today. It's a real battle between him and Rob Park. Right now we are looking for the most consistent. Rob can boom one every once in a while too. We want one of them to become more consistent at punter - there is more inconsistency there than we'd like.

Q: Who would be your three starting LBs right now?

Coach O: Fein in the middle, Jonathan Cornell at Will and either Allen Walker, Jamie Phillips or Ashlee Palmer at Sam. Alen is coming along, but needs to learn a little more. We have to make a push with the LBs next week to solidify some stuff.

Q: Anything special out of the other QBs today?

Coach O: Nothing noteworthy.

Q: Have you had any major injuries?

Coach O: No season-ending injuries.

Q: How are you using Peria Jerry in practice?

Coach O: Sparingly. When he goes into team periods he has been dominant. He has not been blocked yet. We expect a big year out of him. He's just getting sore the day after he does some team stuff, so we are limiting it. It's very similar to Patrick Willis heading into last year. Gradually, he will get better.

Q: Is that similar to Jeremy Garrett?

Coach O: Jeremy has not practiced much. He does not feel comfortable with the knee right now. I think he will be fine, but he's not yet.

Q: How are your coaches holding up?

Coach O: We had two guys who had to go to treatment. LB Coach Dave Corrao had his shoulder separated and OL Coach Art Kehoe has elbow troubles. Corrao got too close to the action and got hit. His shoulder popped out and he popped it back in. He only missed two plays. (laughs) Coach John Thompson was in the ice tub next to Powe after practice today - smart coach to keep any eye on him.

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