Ready to get into the rotation

The 6' 1", 300 pound offensive guard out of Tampa (FL) had to adjust to the college level last season when he entered as a true freshman. One of the things he learned about himself was that he had to get in better shape.

"I have been working hard this summer," added Don Mosley. "I have been doing a whole lot of running. Every chance I had during the off break, I was running. Last year I came in here at 330, and now I am back down in the 300 range, so I feel a lot stronger and hopefully I can stand the heat this year. I am going to drink plenty of water for the heat out here. Last year I just was not in shape to hang with these guys."

Was the transition coming out of high school tougher than he anticipated?

"No, it was just the tempo was a lot quicker. It never got tougher, you just had to adapt to the tempo during the practices. And like I said, I was not in the shape I needed to be in to adapt to the faster tempo."

Don took a redshirt last season and had several goals he wanted to accomplish during that time frame.

"My main goal was to get stronger during my redshirt freshman year and get better overall. I think I accomplished those goals, and I am hoping it will pay off during the camp."

What goals has Mosley set for the upcoming season?

"The only thing I want to do now is just play. I want to get on the field and show everyone what I can do."

What will Don have to do to get on the field?

"I have to go into camp with the mindset that nobody can beat me out."

What part of Mosley's game needs working on the most?

"I just need to keep my mind focused. Physically, I am there. I just need to stay sharp mentally. It is hard playing behind the best right offensive guard in the country in Baby J (John Jerry), but I have to stay focused and keep working hard in practices. I want to at least be in the rotation this year. That is my main goal, to get into the rotation."

Where does Don feel like his most natural position is?

"Left guard because I am a left hander."

Many are stating that the offensive line is the team's strength; does Don agree?

"When I got here we were a solid unit, but everyone was together for the first time. But now we have just meshed like brothers. We are all one now, like a fist. You can't break a fist. And we have a lot of talent too. I would hate to face another offensive line as talented as we are. It is like an all-star cast of players over here. Then you put the best offensive line coach in the business with us, and I might be biased, but I think we are the best line in college football."

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