Practice Report - Thursday

Ole Miss continued fall camp on Thursday. Read how Coach O assessed the day inside.

We had an excellent practice this morning. I though John (Thompson) threw a lot of blitzes at our offense. He is really making his mark as our defensive coordinator. He put a lot more pressure on the quarterback than any other practice at any other time. You can really see his defense coming alive, and I am really happy about that. We made some corrections from our scrimmage and really worked on our kickoff coverage and our PAT protection. Overall, it was a good day.

How healthy are you on the line?

We have a lot of guys missing practices. Not season-ending injuries but camp stuff is taking a toll on them. Now, we need to start practicing the guys that are going to play. It is that time of camp.

Were the starters the ones allowing pressure to the quarterback?

No, Rishaw Johnson was in there some. Mark Jean-Louis was in there. Corey Actis was too though. It was a good experience of mixing the guys and learning from it. It was a good day where we learned some things. It let the offensive guys see things that maybe they haven't before.

How is the competition at linebacker?

Tony Fein has come along. I think his condition level is a little better. He is making plays and making a push. Chris is something of a MIKE linebacker. He really brings it downhill. There are things for the new guys to learn, and they are battling. Jonathan Cornell is practicing sparingly. Ashlee Palmer has come along and earned himself a starting role for right now. And then we have another linebacker spot wide open.

Is Jonathan still a possibility in the middle?

Always. There is always the possibility that Chris moves to defensive line. It depends on his weight and how he handles the coverage. If he moves down there, then would Tony be our middle backer or would Jonathan? We play our best guys, but it all starts with the MIKE.

How were the quarterbacks today?

I thought Seth had a really good day. Really good. He was good yesterday afternoon and again this morning. It is still Seth, Michael and then Brent. Saturday will be five series of 12 plays, so 60 total plays.

What do you want to accomplish Saturday?

I want the guys to be able to play a full game and handle anything we threw at them. I want a gametime atmosphere with the coaches in the pressbox. I want them to be able to perform and especially on special teams. We have things that are not shored up yet.

Is Saturday a day where you want the starters to announce themselves or is it hard to put it on just one scrimmage?

We would like at the end of Saturday to say here is our guys, but the quarterback position, I don't know if we will be able to do that. We'll see.

Is tomorrow the last of two-a-days?

Saturday is a two-a-day. We'll practice briefly in the morning and scrimmage in the afternoon.

Have you put any Memphis stuff in yet?

We know about Memphis, and there are a couple plays that are starting to sprinkle in. Not much but a couple of things.

Anything on eligibility today?

No, nothing.

When is the deadline on those guys who have been in camp since the first day?

Ted's not practicing. Neither is Johnny Brown.

Anything stand out with attitude in practice today?

We played three quarters of a game yesterday, and then they got after each other again this morning at 8:30. Toughness and a good spirit.

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