Marshay ready for a breakout season

Marcus "Marshay" Green was Louisiana's all-time rushing touchdown leader coming out of high school as he rushed for over 7,000 yards and 98 TD's during his career at Bastrop.

Green was a two time selection for Louisiana's Class 4A Player of the Year.

But when he got to Ole Miss, the Rebels moved him to slot. Has this transition been tough?

"First of all, when I was a freshman last year it was kind of hard because in high school I was playing running back the whole time," added Marshay Green. "But now it is easy for me playing wide receiver because the coaches have spent so much time working with me in the last year and half. I catch over 250 passes a day, every day, on my own. To me, playing receiver is not that hard. It feels pretty natural to me. No matter where you play on offense, it is all about getting into the endzone."

And getting into the endzone is what Marshay does best as he picked up his production when Dexter McCluster went down last season.

"I did get a little more production when Dex got hurt. But that really had more to do with me getting comfortable with the position than him being down. I expect us to be the best one/two punch in the SEC. We are going to cause a lot of match up problems this year. We both like to get into the endzone, and I think both of us will get a lot of opportunities to do that this year."

Green is at his best when he is in the open field. Does playing slot help him create open field matchups?

"Yea man, because honestly I feel as soon as I touch the ball, I can score anywhere on the field. I think when you are playing receiver, they throw it to you in open spaces, so now you are past all of those big linemen and it is just you against them. You have to be elusive, and that is what I do best."

Has working on his hands been the biggest part of making the transition to receiver?

"Most definitely. If you do not have good hands, you will get exposed. I have always felt comfortable catching the ball, even in high school. We did not throw it out of the backfield that much in high school, but I felt like I would be good at it. Then when I got up here, they moved me to receiver, so I just went out everyday and did drills on my own to work on my hands. It is pretty much second nature to me now."

What does Green expect out of himself for his sophomore season?

"First of all, I want to make it to a bowl game. There is no excuse to lose all of those games we did last year. I still have a real bitter taste in my mouth about last season, so we have to get to a bowl game. As far as me, I want to be a first team all-american. That's my only personal goal."

Is it hard on the receivers not knowing who their starting quarterback is going to be this close to the start of the season?

"Really man, the only thing I can do is just practice hard. I just have to try and catch passes no matter if it is Seth, Brent, or Michael. If we do not do our part, then it really does not matter who is in at quarterback. And really, to be blunt, we did not do our past last year. We kind of embarrassed ourselves as a unit last year. We have a lot of motivation between us to not do that again."

Now that Marshay has been in Oxford for a couple of years; is Ole Miss everything he was hoping it was going to be?

"Yea man, most definitely. The coaches are fun up here. I love how hard we practice up here, and I just like being around our coaches. They make it fun up here."

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