Will Rebels get a visit out of Georgia safety

Brynden Trawick (S, Marietta, GA) - One of the top players in the Peach state has been busy preparing for his senior campaign.

"We started practice around two weeks back," added Brynden Trawick. "We are really excited about this year. We open our season against Lovejoy."

Brynden is versatile enough to play several different positions for Sprayberry.

"I am playing QB, FS, and WR this year. Most of the colleges are recruiting me as a safety, but Mississippi State likes me at linebacker."

Which position does Brandon feel like his talents are best suited for?

"Probably running back because I grew up playing running back. I just started playing defense when I got in high school."

What part of Trawick's game has improved the most over the last year?

"My individual skills. Getting my technique down and coming out of my back peddle. My footwork has really improved. The biggest gains I have made are on the defensive side of the ball."

Which camps did Trawick attend this summer?

"I went to Auburn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State."

How did each camp experience go?

"Auburn went pretty good. They have been recruiting me for a while, but I have not heard from them in a while though."

"MSU mainly worked me at quarterback. I improved my skills there."

"Ole Miss, I worked on defense. I improved my skills from the 1 on 1 passing drills."

Which colleges have offered?

"MSU, Ole Miss, Purdue, Indiana, Boston College, Maryland, Michigan State, Marshall, MTSU, and La Tech."

Which colleges is he keeping a close eye on?

"I will put it this way, who ever shows me the most love by signing day is the team I am going to sign with. It is pretty much that simple."

A closer look into his recruitment reveals that three schools have already set up official visits with Brandon.

"I have an official set up with Purdue on October 27th when they play Ohio State. The week before that I am going to Maryland when they are playing Purdue. I also set one up with Boston College on September 1st when they play Wake Forest. Those are the only three I have set up so far."

Who else would Brynden like to check out?

"The last two visits I will take after my season is over so I can focus more on the academic side of the coin instead of football. I want to see what the school is all about when football is over."

Which coaches does Brynden call on his on?

"I keep up with all of the coaches who have offered me. I call all 11 schools who have offered me."

Which colleges are showing Brynden the most "love"?

"I would have to say Marshall, Maryland, and Mississippi State."

What stands out about Marshall?

"The history of Randy Moss, Chad Pennington, and Byron Leftwich."

And Maryland?

"I really like Maryland but I have never had a chance to visit the D.C. area. I hear they have a really nice campus and play good football though."

What are MSU's positives?

"I like their coaches. All of their coaches treat me like a son and treat me real good. I like their campus too."

Anymore colleges standing out right now?

"All of them do, Ole Miss, Boston College, Purdue, all of them."

What are OM's positives?

"I like their coaches too. They have a great campus too, the nicest I have seen. They are the number one tailgating school in the country. It would be fun to play in an atmosphere like that."

What about Boston College?

"I like their bowl experience. They have been to a lot of bowl games the last few years, and they always have a pretty good team."


"They always put out good safeties like Rod Woodson, but I have never had a chance to visit there. I look forward to seeing what it is all about when I go on my official visit."

Brandon reports a 2.7 GPA / 17 ACT

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