Rebels set up offiicial visit with 4 Star RB

Ryan Bass (RB, Corona, CA) -'s #26 nationally rated running back rushed for 2,351 yards and 36 TD's as a junior and is looking for an even bigger senior campaign.

"I want to break the school rushing record. I have a little over 4, 000 rushing yards and I need around 2, 800 to break the record," stated the well spoken Ryan Bass.

Bass' speed has always been his main weapon, but Ryan can do a little bit of everything.

"I feel like I am even faster now, but I think my strength has improved the most. I am a lot stronger runner now."

Bass has already begun to set up his official visits.

"I am going to Iowa State on December 3rd, Ole Miss during our bye weekend after our fourth game (September 20), and I am going to Minnesota when they play Ohio State (9/27)."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"I talk to Coach Neilsen a lot. He is a real cool guy. He came down here and spoke for a while. Their starting running back is graduating, and he thinks I have a real good chance to start as a freshman. He seems like a cool guy. I can not wait to get down there."

And Minnesota?

"Their offense is similar to ours. They use a lot of shot gun formation. I spoke to their head coach. He is a cool guy. I can not wait to meet him person when I go up there."

What are Iowa State's positives?

"Coach Jay Rodgers is a cool guy. We talk about offensive stuff and how they would use me. He seems like a cool guy. I believe in what he tells me."

Who else is Ryan interested in visiting?

"Really, all fifteen schools who offered me have a shot, but Michigan State and Arizona State are two I would like to see too."

What are ASU's positives?

"I spoke to their recruiting coordinator and their head coach. They seem like cool guys. They want to do different things with me. I would be very involved in their offense, if I go there."

And Michigan State?

"They are a pretty big school. They are good at running the football. If I go there, I am going to get a lot of rushes. Their coaches seem cool too."

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