Rebels eye Florida safety

Jordan Byas (DB, Panama City, FL) - The 6' 1", 175 pound defensive back is looking to rebound from last year's injury.

"Tearing my ACL was tough on me," added the very well spoken Jordan Byas. "That was the first major injury I had sustained. It was tough not being out there with the guys. I just wanted to go home and bury my head in the pillow on Friday's. I never want to go through that again."

Practice has been going good so far for Jordan.

"I feel all the way back. The drills are going good. My leg is stronger than it was before. I am playing QB right now because our starter got hurt. Hopefully we can get him back on the field in a hurry. We need him."

What will Byas play if the starting QB returns?

"Safety and running back. I am starting both ways."

Has Jordan always played running back?

"I played it last year before I got hurt. That and WR, but now they have me just playing tailback. That and safety."

What has improved most in Byas' game over the last year?

"My defense, really. I am more in touch with what we are doing. I am more aware."

Did Jordan attend any camps this summer?

"I went to South Florida and Florida."

How did those two experiences go?

"It was alright, not that much."

Any offers?

"Clemson and Ole Miss have offered me."


"Clemson offered me earlier this year and Ole Miss offered me the start of my junior year."

What stands out about the Rebels?

"I have never been down there, but I know they have a lot of good young players. They have had two real good classes come in the past two years, so I think they are about to start winning big."

And what are Clemson's positives?

"They have a good team too. They have a real good secondary, and I am probably going to play safety. I also like it because it is in a college town, so that's cool."

Who else is in the running?

"Florida wants to see me play this year with my injury, and Alabama has started to really pick it up."

Who would Byas like to start recruiting him harder?

"I kind of want to go to Florida, that's who."

Has Jordan built a relationship with any of the coaches that are recruiting him?

"I know pretty much the whole Florida staff, but I talk to Coaches Vick (Clemson) Corraro (Ole Miss), and Peter (Florida) the most."

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