"Baby J" is all about the team

John "Baby J" Jerry came into Ole Miss as one of the more highly thought of offensive line prospects in the country.So far, he certainly has not disappointed.

"John Jerry is becoming a leader for us at 350 pounds and a 5-flat 40. He’s a tremendous guard and he’s learning the offensive schemes and making calls at the line of scrimmage and doing a lot better job at it. I really see him becoming a Lombardi candidate and going to a lot of pro bowls one day," added Coach Orgeron.

What does Baby J think about those comments?

"You know how coach is," added the always smiling John Jerry. "He tries to give us confidence, but really, I am a long ways to being on that level."

Those are modest comments from one of the top rising guards in the country, but exactly what are John's expectations going into his sophomore season?

"Well, it's not really about my expectations. It is about our expectations. We expect to come out and play hard every game and win every game we can. It is all about the team, not any individual."

How has Jerry improved as the player since he entered the program?

"I think I have improved pretty good, but like I said, it is not about me. It is how we can improve as a team. That is what it is all about around here now. It is a team thing. It is all about how you can make the guy beside you, or behind you, or in front of you better."

John has become one of the main leaders on the team. How did that transpire?

"I think it is just a mind thing, just believing in your program. You have to believe in what the coaches are selling you. You have to be into everything that is going on with school, being on time for everything, just time management."

What are John's expectations for the offensive line, as a unit, this season?

"I have great expectations for our offensive line. We just have to keep working with how we are doing. All the hard work we are doing is going to pay off one way or the other. We have total trust in what Coach Kehoe is teaching us. He is the best in the business, and I am just blessed to be under him."

What does the offensive line need to improve on the most?

"I think we need to just polish up everything. I think we can improve in everything."

What about the new pups?

"All of our freshmen are a long way ahead of where I was last year, way ahead. Those guys right there are going to provide some valuable depth around here. I am just glad they are with us. Again, our coaches did a great job of evaluating their talent, because I am here to tell you, they can play."

Where is the offensive line now compared to where it was when John entered the program?

"I think it is night and day. You have to give all of the credit to coaches Kehoe, O, and Werner for believing in us."

What makes Art Kehoe such a good coach?

"He is all about working and paying attention to the finer details. He is not going to let you take a day off. He wants you to compete every play, every day, and just finish every block."

What are John's team goals this season?

"We are going to take it one game at a time, but we need to at least get to a bowl game if not do better. The main goal is to make sure we compete week in and week out. What happened last year is last year. Our wins are about to come."

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