Practice report, Friday

The Rebels went through a normal practice today and prepared for tomorrow's Meet The Rebels afternoon scrimmage. Saturday's practice will begin at 3:30 p.m. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's thoughts on Friday's practice and comments about S Johnny Brown being cleared by the NCAA inside.

Coach O: The offense had an excellent day of running the ball. Our run drills were real god. BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Bruce Hall and Cordera Eason all had good days and our fullbacks did a good job blocking. Most of our first-team line was not practicing, but all the guys did a good job despite that. Our protection was a lot better this afternoon - I think we have shored up some things there. One guy I haven't mentioned much is (SS) Colby Arceneaux. He makes plays on special teams, he's out there every snap and he's very competitive. He has the kind of fire we expected of him. I expect him to be a very good special teams player for us. He's not the biggest guy out there, but he's competitive and al he does is make plays. We are excited about him. Justin Sparks has also entered the race at punter. He's had a couple of good days so we are going to see what he does tomorrow in the Meet The rebels Day scrimmage, preseason game III. We will ahve a walk-through in the morning and then we will ahve a 60-play scrimmage tomorrow afternoon. We expect our guys to perform at a high level. This is nearing the end of camp and one of our targets is to finish strong. It's going to be in Vaught-Hemingway with a lot of people here and we are excited about it.

Q: Any special emphasis on the scrimmage in terms of what you will be trying to accomplish?

Coach O: Just make sure Memphis is not here. (laughs)

Q: You talked about the running game earlier. Have you expanded it this year from the power stuff you primarily ran last year?

Coach O: Yes. We brought in some consultants. We wanted to make sure we were able to get the most out of BenJarvus and our backs this year and not just run the power stuff. We expanded it. I have seen some bigtime resutls. What we have put in is cutting edge stuff and I can see the difference.

Q: What about the intersession guys? How are they doing?

Coach O: They are out there. They have to earn their way back on the team. It may be a while.

Q: Any eligibility news?

Coach O: Unofficially official, Johnny Brown has been cleared. He has to play for us this year. He gives us some depth and may be the starting nickel back.

Q: Is Jamison Hughes back?

Coach O: He came back today. He was in a yellow jersey, but he made some good plays. He moves around well. I like him a lot. He's going to be really good.

Q: Will Dexter McCluster scrimmage tomorrow?

Coach O: I'm not sure yet. I have to talk to Trainer Tim Mullins. You know, I don't mention Tim very often, but he does a great job for me. I am really impressed with him and his staff. They work very hard. Ken Crane in equipment too - fantastic job.

Q: How will the QBs split time?

Coach O: Probably the same - Seth with the ones, Michael and Brent splitting time with the twos. I doubt we will have threes tomorrow. The stretch lines are down a little bit right now.

Q: Anyone significant missing tomorrow?

Coach O: I'm not sure yet, but I don't know if John Jerry, Corey Actis, Peria Jerry or some others will scrimmage tomorrow. They are questionable.

Q: Any good progress on Jeremy Garrett's return?

Coach O: He has not practiced yet. You can't make the club in the tub, but if you are hurt, you are hurt.

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