Practice Report: Tuesday

Ole Miss head coach Ed Orgeron gave the first practice since Saturday mixed reviews.

"It was our first day back and in full pads," he said. "They went to school today, so there was an adjustment period out there. We had some good installations and some corrections today. It was a day of adjustment like the first day of school always is. Overall I thought they fought through it and did some good things. I thought the running game looked good today."

DL Daverin Geralds didn't practice today but could actually see some time on the OL.

"He just had a little nagging injury (today) but he's had a really, really good camp," Orgeron said. "There's a possibility we could move him over to the offensive line. I talked to him today. If Jerrell (Powe) is eligible, Peria (Jerry) is healthy, Chris (Strong) is eligible. We have Lawon Scott. We have Brandon Jenkins. I think he (Geralds) could probably be the first guy to go in in a backup role on the offensive line or maybe even start and move things around if we have to."

Orgeron said Geralds has what it takes to be able to move from one side of the ball to the other.

"He's a really smart kid. He's special," Orgeron said. "He works hard. I think he would be a really good offensive lineman."

Orgeron said the offensive linemen, including tight end Robert Lane, who missed Saturday's scrimmage practiced today.

"It was good to see those guys out there," Orgeron said. "I think we had seven sacks and eight tackles for loss Saturday. That was a good defensive line going against the second offensive line. I think those guys (first-team OL) had a little bit to prove today."

Orgeron said he's hoping for Peria Jerry to have a healthy year so he can perform like he did Saturday.

"His foot is still bothering him a little bit. He had a dominating scrimmage on Saturday. It's just a matter of staying healthy. He can have a dominating year, but he's gotta be out there. He's quick and strong. He and Jerrell play very well together."

Speaking of Powe, Wednesday is the last day for he and Chris Strong to practice unless they are cleared.

"I haven't heard anything yet," Orgeron said. "They may be under review quick. I just don't know.

Rishaw Johnson and Ted Laurent are not practicing at this time. DB Johnny Brown is practicing, along with Powe and Strong. Orgeron commented briefly on the Rishaw situation.

"They (NCAA) had all the paperwork, they just wanted to look at something," he said.

Orgeron said there was no quarterback movement today.

"You saw them Saturday. You saw what I've been seeing all camp. But when go back and look at the film, Seth (Adams) was 12 of 13 in the second half, which was really impressive. We did move the ball well, and that was a bright spot."

Orgeron said there has been a bit of "sprinkling in" of some Memphis and also a little of Missouri - "some plays that they run," he said.

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