Practice report, Wednesday

Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron was pleased with today's workout, particularly in the running game and with the play of QB Brent Schaeffer, who appears to have worked himself back in the signal-caller race, based on O's comments today.

Coach O: We had a lot better prctice today with a lot better tempo. We got a lot of work done on the turf of the stadium. I thought our running game did well and we worked on some red zone routes that Seth Adams and Brent Schaeffer both did well with. Brent was on today. He had one of his better practices. It looks like (the QB job) is going to be between those two guys - Seth and Brent. We will go through the next week and see what happens.

Q: You said last week you were going to start looking at Memphis' stuff possibly today (Wednesday). Any developments there?

Coach O: We did a little bit. We've been running their plays in and out some, but tomorrow we will get more in-depth with their stuff. We will have a scouting report and start digging in more. We'll get a couple of days this week, but we'll really get more serious game week on what they are doing. This is just a head start.

Q: Do we sense a huge sense of relief over Chris Strong being cleared?

Coach O: No doubt. I am so happy for him and our team is happy. We announced it to the team today and they were fired up. The number one player in Mississippi - that means a lot to us.

Q: What does he bring to the table?

Coach O: He's jsut physical. He's a specimen with good instincts. Obviously therre are things he has to learn, but he's probably our best MLB right now. I'd like him to be a little lighter and I want him to learn more stuff, but he overcomes a lot with his physical tools.

Q: What is his command of the defense?

Coach O: It's not what it would be if he were a junior, you know, but he plays downhill and is very physical and that's how he commands things. He also has the respect of his teammates.

Q: Can Jerrell Powe continue to practice beyond the 14 day provisional deal?

Coach O: Yes, he will be permitted to practice. His situation is different from the others waiting to be cleared. He will be able to practice.

Q: The dominos seem to be falling for you. . .

Coach O: Bring them on, it's time. It's right on time.

Q: Is there a fine line in giving them the edge in confidence by defining who is the guy at quarterback?

Coach O: No. I'm not giving them anything - they have to earn it. They have to earn it in the games. Even though we start one guy in a game, that does not mean we are going to live or die by him. QB is just like any other position - they have to produce. If the left guard is not producing, he's coming out. If our QB is not producing, he will come out. We don't have a bonafide guy to say 'he's our guy and we are going with him no matter what.' We don't have that guy yet.

Q: How about Michael Herrick?

Coach O: He's dropped a little on the depth chart. He's still got work to do, but that doesn't mean he won't play this year. He just still has work to do to get ready.

Q: What about Nate Banks? How is he doing?

Coach O: He's doing OK.

Q: How is that "other" corner coming along?

Coach O: OK. Terrell Jackson and Cassius Vaughn are battling it out. It's just OK.

Q: Who will be the kickoff guy?

Coach O: I think it will be Josh Shene. We still have a battle for punter, but it looks like Josh will kickoff. He's not as consistent as Will Moseley, but he does a good job. We are stressing hang time and placement of the ball. We have toyed with a lot of strategies. We are going to have to see in live action how our plans work.

Q: You have all your OL back now?

Coach O: A couple of them are still gimpy, but they were out there and it helped our offense, especially the running game, a lot.

Q: Do any of the backup OL have you excited yet?

Coach O: No.

Q: Is Daverin Geralds going to offense?

Coach O: We are thinking about it but he's got a camp injury right now and will be out a couple of days. He may go to offense, but he's losing valuable time right now.

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