Practice Report - Thursday

The Rebels worked in full pads Thursday afternoon in preparation for another scrimmage on Saturday. Go inside for details.

We went out in full pads today and had a short yardage goal line scrimmage. We worked hard and finished hard with good competition. Offense ran the ball well again today. I thought Chris Strong had an excellent practice today. Jonathan Cornell came back. Those guys looked good, and Marcus Tillman continues to be steady

On the linebackers:

We have to get a feel for what is going on. We have got into game planning and need to see who picks it up the best. We may have to make a few adjustments. Ashlee is playing with some confidence. He is studying and making sure to protect the red jersey. He wants to be a starter, and he is playing like one. Well on his way.

On the young players handling the Memphis plans:

It is always different on the first day with new plays and new formations. The guys have to get adjusted and probably have to cut back on what we are doing to make it simple for the young guys. There are a lot of young guys playing, especially on doing. I think we will be limited in the amount of stuff we can do.

On having a good scout team quarterback in Jevan Snead:

He is really impressive. I like his temperament and his leadership. He has a quick release and does a great job of throwing the ball.

On facing two spread offenses early:

It spreads you out obviously. Last year, we didn't do a good job of staying in our gaps at the beginning of the year. We have to put as much speed on the field as we can.

On Johnny Brown's progression:

He is doing well. It hurt him not being at practice because he was our starting nickel. He missed some days so obviously he is behind. But I think we can simplify things where he can play. He is one of our better freshmen.

On whether or not he has cut the quarterback race to one yet:

No, not yet. I am getting close though. Seth had a really good day today.

On running back consistency:

We are working hard on some new concepts that we studied. I have to give the offense credit because they have studied a lot. Frank Wilson, Art Kehoe and Dan are heading that stuff up. We are talented with the offensive line and the strength is the running backs. We aren't staying status quo from last year. We are moving on and are hopefully a lot better.

On Jerrell Powe losing weight:

He is doing a lot better. He is making it through all of practice now. His conditioning has improved, and his weight has dropped. But he does still have a ways to go.

On gaining confidence in the kicking game:

I know that Josh can do it all the time. I definitely sleep a lot better at night. He is a gamer, and we feel that it is a strength. He is doing well with kickoffs. Not as consistent as with the field goals, but he is the best we have.

On a third receiver stepping up behind Marshay and Dexter:

When Greg is in there, he does a good job. He is one of our best weapons on defense and offense. Lionel Breaux is doing better. He is a lot better on offense than defense.

On practice plans:

We will have a regular Friday just like a game week and then go with preseason game No. 4 on Saturday at 2:30. There is a jamboree on the turf, so it will be on the practice field. It will be a mock game where the scout team simulates Memphis and we work on getting signals and getting on and off the field.

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