Practice report, Saturday

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron held preseason game IV today as the Rebels head into game week beginning Monday. How did the workout go? Orgeron discusses it inside.

Coach O: We went through a regular game day and simulated it the best we could. I thought the coaches did a really good job scripting all kinds of situations we needed to see today and the guys were totally into it. We went through everything we do before a game so everyone can become more familiar with the routine. We played against the service team today and they gave us a good look, but it was a scripted scrimmage, we had a quick whistle and we were in shells.

Q: What are the things you look for that you want to prevent next Saturday?

Coach O: We want to prevent special teams mistakes, communication problems on the sidelines, sideline procedure errors, getting our personnel in and out in a timely fashion, making sure we get the ploay calls. We wanted to put the guys in pressure situations and see how they would respond. We call a play and look for missed assignments, things like that. We want to eliminate those kinds of mistakes.

Q: Did you see the progress in those areas you wanted to?

Coach O: I saw a lot of improvement, but this was our fourth preseason game. There were less mistakes than preseason game three. Preseason games one and two, some of it was ugly out there, but that's why we do it. Now the live bullets are coming and it's time to go.

Q: Is your team ready?

Coach O: No doubt. We are ready to go. We are in terrific condition. We have more depth and I think we are right where we need to be for this time of hte year. I know they are going to be ready to prepare to have a great game against Memphis.

Q: Talk more about Chris Strong on the defensive line.

Coach O: He has to learn, but he's very quick and is exactly what you want there. He's exactly what you want in a Mike LB, except maybe a little lighter, and he's exactly what you want in a DL with the weight he has now. There are some things we will have to play with and see what happens with him.

Q: Generally, how is the health of the team?

Coach O: We're good. We are better than we've been. It is amazing the closer you get to game week how everyone gets healthier. (laughs) Jeremy Garrett practiced a couple of snaps today. Peria Jerry was out there. Most of the guys were out there. Reid Neely hasn't practiced much - he's still gimping around out here.

Q: What about Memphis?

Coach O: We have studied them. We know their personalities and personnel. We feel good about our gameplan. We will have to tweak some things, but I think we have a good handle of their schemes and personnel.

Q: How was Seth Adams today?

Coach O: He did fine. He threw the ball well against the service team and I didn't see many bad passes. On the other side of the ball, we had several interceptions today. Jevan (Snead) throws a good ball, but his receiving corps wasn't as talented as he'd like and we ended up getting a lot of picks off the service team.

Q: What about your punting situation?

Coach O: Justin Sparks did well today. All three of them are alive in the battle. We will probably make a decision next Thursday or somewhere around there.

Q: Is the team ready to hit someone besides themselves?

Coach O: I think so. They've been working hard. I think they are ready to see what they can do against someone else.

Q: How did kickoffs look today?

Coach O: We didn't have a good day. We've been doing great, but not today. We will get that fixed. Christian Alberracin has been doing well there as well as Josh Shene.

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