OM commit looking for a big senior campaign

Dominique Davenport (CB, Baldwyn, MS) - By all accounts, last season was a big year for the 5' 11, 175 pound cornerback.

But Davenport is hoping for an even bigger senior campaign.

"Practice has been going good," added Dominique Davenport. "I believe overall I am a smarter player now. I know the game a lot better. I am making better decisions and being more patient with the ball in my hands and I am reading the plays better at corner. I just want to be the best I can be and do the best I can every play and not take plays off and help the team the best I can. If I do that, my numbers and overall play will be much better than last year."

Dominique is being recruited for cornerback on the next level, but he is just as dangerous with the ball in his hands.

"I feel like I can make some things happen at tailback. I am pretty elusive, and I try to get in the endzone every time I touch the ball, but I know my bread and butter is at cornerback."

The Rebels are are in dire need of cornerbacks and Dominique knew this when he choose Ole Miss.

"I knew they were short on corners, and that was a big of it, but that is not the main reason I choose Ole Miss. I just think they were the right fit for me. I like how they play. It reminds me of how we play over here. The way they get all excited. It was just more of how I am. I fit in better with Ole Miss than the other schools who are recruiting me."

Has his commitment to Ole Miss slowed down the recruitment process?

"No, not really (laugh). Alabama and MSU are still on me pretty hard."

Does Davenport feel solid about his decision?

"Yes sir. Like I said, Ole Miss just fit me better than MSU or Alabama. I have seen what everyone has, and Ole Miss has more of what I am looking for."

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