Conversation with Dan Werner

Dan Werner discussed Seth Adams and Dexter McCluster along with others during an interview with the media Monday. Go inside for that conversation.

How is Jason Cook doing with the fullback position?

He has handled it great. He was excited about it last spring and with his intelligence and athletic ability, he can do great things. He watches film on his own and talks to us about what he can help us do. He is a quarterback on the field at that position.

How are the blocking schemes different from last year?

They aren't very different. We have tweaked things in the way we teach it. People will see some different things Saturday, but obviously we aren't going to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Most of it is the same as last year, but we are emphasizing it a little differently.

What can Dexter do for this offense?

It is a lot of the things he did last season when he was with us. Every time he touches the ball, he has a chance to score. That is what we have to do. Have to find him ways to get the ball and let him do his thing.

Is he healed and able to take the big hit?

I haven't seen any problems at all. He has taken a couple shots during the fall, and he has bounced right up. He is a tough kid. The one he took last year, no matter who takes that hit, they are probably going to be inured. He is a tough guy, he just took one of those shots that happens sometimes in football.

Any differences in Seth since being named the starter?

The fact that it is done and everyone knows that he is the guy, I think that will help him out. He is a low-key guy, and I told him that he needs to step it up a little bit, but that is his personality. A lot of quarterbacks have won championships by just going out and doing their job. Since he is the guy, he needs to take charge in the huddle if things aren't going well. And when things are going well, he needs to calm people down.

Do you feel good about the offensive firepower?

We hope so. We feel like there are guys we can get the ball to. Now it is just getting out there and seeing how we do in a game.

What are you looking for our of Schaeffer right now?

To be ready at any time. That is the job of any backup quarterback. He has to prepare like the starter because it could happen after the first play. Boom, something happens, and he is in there. He has to be ready to play.

With a new defensive coordinator, how do you prepare for Memphis?

He was at South Florida for ten years, and I coached high school football with him many years ago. It just shows you how small of a world it is. Back then I was running a split-back veer, and he was running a 50 scheme. A lot has changed. That was 20-something years ago. We have to look at everything he has done in his years and also what Tommy West did last year when he was the D-coordinator. We have to cover all our bases.

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